How You Can Effectively Make Your Images Responsive Using CSS?

If you stay glued to the web, then you’ll probably be aware of the fact that people are using mobile devices to a great extent compared to desktop systems. This is why many website owners and companies are becoming more inclined towards implementing responsive web design (RWD).

When it comes to creating a responsive design, it is important to understand that it involves paying due attention to a set of techniques. One such technique requires you to make the images responsive. Sadly, implementing responsive images is one of the most challenging aspects of the RWD approach.

Through this post, I intend to help you learn about how you can use CSS for making your images responsive.

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7 Astonishing Statistics About WordPress Popularity

You just can’t overstate the fact that WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS platforms available out there. The platform has gained the attention of a lot of bloggers, webmasters, and entrepreneurs around the world. Something which has just started as a personal project to channelize the blogging needs of writers, has now risen to a heroic stature by powering over 22% of the website.If you think that you already know all about WordPress, and you are ready for WordPress migration service , then think again. Because the statistics that we are going to show in this article might prove your knowledge about the popularity of WordPress wrong.

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10 Most Beautiful Product Packaging Designs

In marketing a product, one important factor that needs to be considered is packaging. How you bag or box a certain product has a definite bearing on its way to success. There are many important reasons it should be labeled as a priority. First, functionality is taken into consideration. Through proper packaging, damage, contamination and unfortunate accidents can be avoided. We cannot deny that this important aspect of marketing can be the reason consumers buy certain products. Because of a certain product’s intriguing and attractive packaging, it can inevitably persuade buyers.

Packaging can also make goods stand out from its competitors. It is a way of differentiating and distinguishing one product from another. Therefore,here are appealing and very striking ways of packing and wrapping ordinary everyday products to make daily shopping fun and exciting.

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Website Navigation Design: A Beginner’s Guide

One of the most important stages of giving shape to a web project is designing. Various designing elements like call-to-action buttons, typography, images, videos, etc. play an essential role in making your site effective.

Apart from these critical designing elements, the implementation and design of navigation is acrucial aspect of the web design process. This particular aspect of website designing has assumed tremendous importance today with theusage of smart devices like smartphone, tablets and smartwatch increasing exponentially. It is important for web designers to ensure a comfortable browsing experience for their target users who might be using a variety of devices to access their website.

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5 Websites to Showcase Your Social Media Page

In today’s tech-based business world, having an active social media feed isn’t just an option, it’s a requirement. This is where clients, both present and future, can see what you and your business are all about without having to dig through pages of blog posts and scroll through what seems like miles of website content.
However, when it comes to making your social media your own, there are two aspects that need to be addressed: first, the design needs to be unique, copacetic with your corporate image, and easily recognizable. Secondly, the page itself needs to be readily accessible. The first requires the services of a skilled design agency—if you’re working on a budget, Designhill is a great place to get this done—while the second requires you utilize the functionality of a number of excellent showcasing sites.

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5 Professional Forms that are Customizable and Free!

JotForm is an online destination for all of your website form needs. Contact forms, surveys, e-commerce forms, you can use the Form Designer to make them all. Upload an image, customize your font and color scheme…the possibilities are endless.
JotForm users can share their form themes to the Theme Store, where you can browse and use pre-made forms! Designers have the option of selling their themes and making some money, but many form themes are available for free. Check out these 5 professional forms that are free and ready to be customized and easily embedded into your website!

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The 4 Inevitable Points to Promote a Website in the Search Engine

No doubt, online marketing is one of the latest trends across the globe. The advent of internet has provided a spectacular transformation in the marketing drift. Consequently, it has replaced the traditional forms of marketing. To be more precise, businesses have gone global now. An entrepreneur could now think of developing more potential clients for his campaign either locally or globally.

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20 Creative Eye-Catchy Business card for Inspiration

Business cards are the most important and essential tool of any businessman. You just need to offer a business card to your audience or potential clients. Make sure you leave a great impression as its design and outlook is master class. Have a quick tour on this article and you have a great experience how a business card design must be. Today we collect 20 Creative Eye-Catchy Business card for Inspiration.

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