Tools To Affirm Mobile-Friendly Status of Magento e-Store

Why are people ranting and raving about mobile-friendliness and responsive web development?

These are the reasons why…

Mobile usage will continue to proliferate in the coming years

People are hilarious about the new Apple smart watch and in coming days Google glass will also take over market. But what about your business site? Is it ready to perform well on all the platforms? Google search traffic from mobile devices is tremendously increasing and holds about 20 percent of it. Moreover with the rapid growth of mobile phones in the market it can be estimated that 2015 will break all records.

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15 Insanely Gorgeous And Awe-Inspiring Flyer Designs

Flyers are everywhere.

They’re one of the most widely used printed marketing materials and despite the recent trend towards online advertising, you’ll find that flyers still crop up on a day-to-day basis (especially if you’re a business owner who regular attends networking events).

But why is this? Well, flyers are popular for a reason: they remain one of the best forms of advertising/marketing. They’re cheap to produce, cheap to distribute (you can usually find a company in your local area to do this for you), and they bring people into your sales funnel (when used correctly).

However, a lot of businesses make a big mistake when it comes to flyers: they don’t focus enough attention on the design process.

The fact of the matter is that simply creating a flyer and having it printed won’t bring a positive return-on-investment unless it’s well designed and “strikes a chord” with your target audience.

If you’re struggling for design inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the best examples on the web below:

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Trend of eCommerce Marketing Strategies in 2015

In 2014, the e-commerce marketing had achieved the 20% growth all around the world. To boost this growth in 2015, various marketing players are devising effective strategies that can propel the e-commerce marketing and take their business to a new level. It has been evaluated that 2015 will be known as a great year for online retailing. This year, lots of new strategies are going to be launched.

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Why are Illustrations so Important in Web Design and Branding?

Illustrations are everywhere and they’ve been around for decades! They are found in textbooks, comics, story books, banners etc; and now we find them on web pages too.
The reason behind the popularity of illustrations is not hard to find. The fact is our mind has always been attracted to storytelling- textual, oral, or visual. Illustrations have been integral to storytelling as they provide a visual medium to grasp the problem, main point or essence of the subject matter easily.
Illustrations are in our heart and wrapped up in our memories.
But times have changed and where do they stand now in popular consciousness?
Will that age old connect we have with Illustrations continue in the future?
In my opinion, it will flourish.

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How to improve yourself as a Better web Designer

How fast you learn and progress everyday to improve your design really matters. You have to spend few extra hours to practice with patience. Inspect thoroughly in your own work and adjust quickly to adopt new work methods. Inspire yourself reading some well-known design magazines. I am sure your patience dedication surely comes handy in future.

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How You Can Effectively Make Your Images Responsive Using CSS?

If you stay glued to the web, then you’ll probably be aware of the fact that people are using mobile devices to a great extent compared to desktop systems. This is why many website owners and companies are becoming more inclined towards implementing responsive web design (RWD).

When it comes to creating a responsive design, it is important to understand that it involves paying due attention to a set of techniques. One such technique requires you to make the images responsive. Sadly, implementing responsive images is one of the most challenging aspects of the RWD approach.

Through this post, I intend to help you learn about how you can use CSS for making your images responsive.

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7 Astonishing Statistics About WordPress Popularity

You just can’t overstate the fact that WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS platforms available out there. The platform has gained the attention of a lot of bloggers, webmasters, and entrepreneurs around the world. Something which has just started as a personal project to channelize the blogging needs of writers, has now risen to a heroic stature by powering over 22% of the website.If you think that you already know all about WordPress, and you are ready for WordPress migration service , then think again. Because the statistics that we are going to show in this article might prove your knowledge about the popularity of WordPress wrong.

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10 Most Beautiful Product Packaging Designs

In marketing a product, one important factor that needs to be considered is packaging. How you bag or box a certain product has a definite bearing on its way to success. There are many important reasons it should be labeled as a priority. First, functionality is taken into consideration. Through proper packaging, damage, contamination and unfortunate accidents can be avoided. We cannot deny that this important aspect of marketing can be the reason consumers buy certain products. Because of a certain product’s intriguing and attractive packaging, it can inevitably persuade buyers.

Packaging can also make goods stand out from its competitors. It is a way of differentiating and distinguishing one product from another. Therefore,here are appealing and very striking ways of packing and wrapping ordinary everyday products to make daily shopping fun and exciting.

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Website Navigation Design: A Beginner’s Guide

One of the most important stages of giving shape to a web project is designing. Various designing elements like call-to-action buttons, typography, images, videos, etc. play an essential role in making your site effective.

Apart from these critical designing elements, the implementation and design of navigation is acrucial aspect of the web design process. This particular aspect of website designing has assumed tremendous importance today with theusage of smart devices like smartphone, tablets and smartwatch increasing exponentially. It is important for web designers to ensure a comfortable browsing experience for their target users who might be using a variety of devices to access their website.

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Touch Screen Revolution- How You Need To Tweak Your Mobile Web Designs?

The introduction of touch screen mobile phones has overhauled the way users are interacting with their hand-held gadgets. With Apple having adapted OSX over all these years, it will be interesting to see how the smartphone population will embrace the touch screen features. Talking about countries, iOS app development all around the world is scaling new heights of success in the recent years. Now, coming to the process of designing apps for touch screen devices, it is recommended to take additional measures that can improve the overall user experience. In today’s blog, I’ll be covering the ways in which you can moderate your mobile web designs for maintaining a consistent user experience across a wide range of touch-screen enabled devices. As a mobile app designer or mobile-friendly website developer, you need to pay special attention towards each and every element that needs to go into the web solution.

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