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The dynamics in data accessibility or its availability has in the recent past impacted the lives of people all around the world, either positively or negatively. People of different demographics in terms of age, sex, lifestyle, education, and generational preferences, have found themselves engrossed in the data web, and in the long run, they are affected socially, psychologically or emotionally.

How Big Data Changed the Way People Live 1

Evolution of Big Data

In the past, data availability existed only within an enterprise or an organization. These types of systems and services were self-contained within an office where data could be utilized, whether it was through an email system or human resources platform. Information technology professionals worked out of a network room, which housed servers and all of their equipment. Each location, if there were multiple facilities, had their own self-contained system, which also presented the need to have IT professionals at the ready.

At the present time, this has changed as technology continues to advance at monumental scopes, and also the way it is delivered. New sets of data are made readily available and at affordable prices by different service providers in the market. This makes it easy for clients to view the world as a small village.

The Global Village

The world has become a single community through the internet. With the availability of big data, one can research and get information of a location which is miles away within the shortest time possible. People are able to travel huge distances and acquire what they are in need of because of big data. The global village, however, has helped to increase business relations among developing countries and this is a boost to the entire economy. Thus, the global village inter-relations have been established through the unifying factor of big data. The data is said to be the most powerful medium of transferring information from one place to another, region to another, thus the world being referred to as the global village.


Big data has shaped the manner in which the society processes information. Communication is defined as the transfer of information from the sender to the receiver through a medium, and understanding the meaning to which the information was sent. Through big data, the thinking of the audience (the ones to which the message is designed) on their viewing of the world changes. People are using data to understand concepts and make decisions.

In the past, collecting, analyzing and storing information was done poorly because of small amounts of data, thus people could not research further and they believed on what was provided to them with the available means. In the modern day, society is able to understand complex dashes of realism because of the technical environment they are exposed to.


With the presence of new sets of data, scholars are able to pursue further studies in the comfort of their usual environment. Many graduates have acquired their degrees through online schooling, unlike in the past when one had to be educated in a sit-in class environment. Through the sets of big data, the scholars can work out their assignments, attempt online exams, interact in an open online forum with other scholars, and carry out research surveys through online focus groups.

Based on the new data, the society is able to know how different educational institutions are ranked in terms of academic performance, and also monitor the progress of the students at different levels of education. The big data also helps to analyze scores of students unlike in the past when the scores could not be visible.


Big data has played a vital role in improving health care for individuals all over the world. This is because medical practitioners are able to research on new developments in the health sector and get to know the different dimensions that healthcare is taking. This in return has reduced mortality rates since medical practitioners have sharpened their skills through research, and therefore new developments do not keep them off-balance.

Big data in healthcare has led to the development of new machines and cure methods that have helped the society to gain confidence in the health sector as a whole. In the past, the society would refer to traditional methods of treatment, but with the evolvement of big data, society feels safe in the hands of modern-day medical practitioners.

Economic Growth

Through the emergence of new sets of big data, different countries or states have indulged into business agreements, whereby there are imports and exports of raw materials and resources. The business is carried out starts as a local business, and through big data, it revolves into international business ties. This, in turn, leads to massive economic growth since there is a connectedness in the international market.

Different businesses are able to advertise their products online, thus acquire more clients, and the and result is an increase in revenue and growth for the particular organization or country.

Social Standards

The new sets of big data have led to the emergence of social relations within different sets of people i.e. from the young to old. There is the provision of different social platforms where people interact for different reasons as pertains to their daily life. These social platforms include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and so on. Although such are good platforms for relating one to another, they have impacted the society negatively and led an increase in cybercrimes. This, therefore, calls for security measures so that society does not produce criminals in the long run.


The emergence of big data has enabled the society to learn a large quantity of information that they could not have learned in the past with small amounts of data. The way people think and carry out their day to day operations has been impacted in one way or another, and it has made people’s lives change for the better of the entire society. With the dynamics being experienced with big data, more developments are yet to come and have more impact on society.