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With the demands of running a business, it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to look to the services of others to help them stay afloat. Of all the many responsibilities an owner has, one of the biggest and ongoing tasks is marketing. With the marketing climate constantly changing and evolving, it has become increasingly challenging for an entrepreneur to handle it on their own. When looking for relief, it is often that they turn to a digital marketing agency like one of the best seo company in Denver to handle their SEO for them. However, if you’re new to the game, you may not have any idea what these types of companies can do for yours.

Digital Marketing Agencies

What is Digital Marketing?

In a nutshell, digital marketing is the promotion and advertisement of a brand through digital platforms including websites, social media, directories, email accounts, mobile phones, and more. Digital marketing agencies specialize in developing marketing strategies utilizing those platforms to improve brand recognition and increase sales.

Not sure where your digital marketing strategy is falling short? Try Upserve’s marketing grader! This free tool allows users to enter their business name and receive a marketing score based on website, social media, and online reviews. If your score is low, you might want to look into hiring a digital marketing agency to help boost your score.

What Services Are Offered?

There are a lot of different approaches to digital marketing, and as you can see from above, a lot of different areas to cover. Some marketing agencies choose to offer services in key areas while others serve as a one-stop shop for online marketing. Below is a look at some of the services offered.

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to get noticed online, search engine optimization is essential. When online users search for topics, products, or services on the web, search engines like Google route them to the best possible results. As you know, this can result in thousands of pages of results for a user to sift through. The marketing process known as search engine optimization or SEO is incorporated to help companies improve their position among the pools of competition and scams.

While reading a search engine optimization guide would give you a general understanding, most businesses still end up outsourcing these efforts to marketing agencies. By using keywords and phrases closely related to your brand, marketing agencies incorporate this into your marketing strategy to help increase your online visibility.

Content Marketing

In the digital era, content is everything. The content your company publishes online is not only used to help your target audience find you but is also the very foundation for how the online world will view and feel about your brand. You’ll need innovative, informative, engaging, and authentic content to connect with your target audience. Many digital marketing agencies offer content marketing services to their clients.

They will work with you to find out what your goals are, who your audience is, and what message you’re trying to portray. By using impeccable writing skills and SEO practices, marketing agencies can publish content on websites, blogs, newsletters, social media, and more.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a huge player in marketing for businesses. They are platforms designed to connect millions of users in real-time. A brand needs to develop a presence on social media to build brand awareness, improve credibility, find an audience, and communicate. As keeping up with social media marketing efforts can be difficult and time-consuming, marketing agencies offer these services.

They can help create accounts on top sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Depending on your needs digital marketing agencies will also develop campaigns, post content, engage the audience, place ads, and monitor the progress.

Web Design

Serving as a “digital business card” for some companies and an online store for others, your website is very important. It is often the first representation of your brand that your visitors will see. Therefore, not only do you need to work on the aesthetics like layout, color, and graphics, you also need to focus on things like function, ease of use, SEO, and more. Marketing agencies will first consult with you to find out your website needs and then design a unique platform that meets those goals, satisfies your audience, and increases visibility.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to services offered by a digital marketing agency. In this digitally inclined world, having a strong presence on the internet is extremely important. Through these services and more marketing agencies are able to build a solid platform that solidifies your brand, puts you in the running with the competition, and wins over the hearts and minds of your target audience.