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Facebook, specifically Facebook Video is a great marketing platform, and one of the ways to fully engage with your potential consumers is through video.

Videos are an affordable and effective way to launch a campaign for your business. According to Facebook which Track Facebook shares, videos that were posted on their feed receive three times as many shares and twice as many views as videos that are posted on other social media channels. Not sure how to create a Facebook video? Here is a guide that will help you create and successfully market a video campaign on Facebook.


Keep It Short And Sweet

Very few people are willing to sit through a long video. In fact, according to a study by Wistia, viewer engagement starts to significantly drop after 2 minutes. Moreover there is a lot of information that is flooding a consumer’s feed at any given time, and it’s easy to get distracted so you have to work extra hard to get and maintain your audience attention. This makes it all the more important to keep your videos short and sweet. Plus, people may wish to download facebook video to post it elsewhere and spread the word, so shorter videos will be quicker to download and not take up a lot of storage space on a device. 

When you are creating your video, time it to ensure it doesn’t run past 120 seconds. You can use a free social tool such as the Voice Realm, to help ensure that your video script stays within the limits. However at times it is necessary for a video to be lengthy in order to rely your message. In such a scenario, you can break up the video into different segments of 2 minutes each creating a series of videos, which you can release slowly over time.

To appeal to viewers with short attention spans, you can quickly create a short summary of the contents of the video. You can take it a step further and break up the texts into short bullet points and highlight any keywords.

Make How To Videos

Buzzsumo analysed over 100 million videos posted on Facebook and concluded that the videos that garnered the most engagement were the ones that taught consumers how to do things on their own. A do it yourself video is a very cool concept and fun video to create.

All you need is to answer first what your consumer needs. Once you have the question in mind, then create a step by step video that helps answer this question.

Shoot Your Videos Vertically

Videos that take on a vertical format are easier to view particularly for those on their smartphones. According to a study, vertical videos get 50% more impressions than their horizontal counterparts. When using a camera, ensure that you choose the vertical mode first before filming. The same applies if you are using your smartphone to shoot or simply holding your phone up in a vertical position.

Include Captions

Over 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound muted. Adding text to the video helps ensure that your message still gets through to your audience when the sound is off.