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The growth of any business is dependent and determined by several factors, including the status of the economy, the types of products offered, but also the understanding of its founders.

Small Business
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In this process of growth, the strategy is key and could be the only factor that determines success. However, no matter how elaborate a business strategy might be, there is never a single approach.

Growing a small business is also a learning process where you filter what works and leave out what doesn’t. You can either learn from the experts like Exos Advisors or follow this article, where we delve into a few strategies that could help accelerate your small business’s growth.

Set Clear Goals

Clear goals must drive your entrepreneurship journey in growing the small business. Set a clear roadmap categorized in the form of short term, medium, and long term goals. You also need to have a mechanism to evaluate progress at each point of the growth process. Your goals need to be quantifiable, have time limits, and should also include rewards for successful accomplishments.

Quantifying your goals

Your goals should be measurable through various metrics. They may include additional employees, new branches, increased products or stock, purchase of new technologies, and so on. Set deadlines for every projected achievement. This way, you will be able to evaluate your achievements or failures.

Commit to your goals

Achieving any set of goals requires a high level of commitment. The journey of the entrepreneur includes making sacrifices by giving more resources, including time to the young business. This rule also apply to any kind of business such as web development company, printing company, softgel blister packaging company, or even an ecommerce company.

Set Rewards

At every stage of the business, it’s important to set a reward for every milestone achieved. This could be in the form of monetary payments or any other suitable reward. The essence of such kickbacks is to keep you encouraged to do more.

Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Networking is a core value of the business process. Providing quality services is one of the best ways of successful networking. Happy customers help to send more clients your way and spread through word of mouth.

In the early days of the business, attending networking forums, exhibitions, and other events that may provide business opportunities. It’s an important process of business growth.

It’s essential to note that providing quality products and maintaining quality customer experience are some of the outstanding ways of building quality relationships

Incorporate Technology: Website, Social media, Automation

The modern business environment is highly competitive and entrepreneurs must consistently be on the lookout for technologies that can help scale their businesses upwards. There are technologies that you may require from the beginning of the business, but you can continue to add various elements as you go forwards. Put into consideration the following technology elements in your business:

Must have a Website

A website is now a basic necessity for any business today. The cost of building and maintaining a website will primarily depend of the kind of business you do. A website gives you the ability to communicate to a wider audience pool and increase the chances of growing your customer base. It’s also a good way of receiving feedback and even displaying your merchandise.

Even if you don’t have a website at the early stages of the business, make plans to build one as soon as you can.

Good Social Media Presence

Social media presents a combination of possibilities for any business. However, entrepreneurs must learn how to use social media to grow their business.

 Facebook advertising is one way of utilizing social media for business growth. Set up a budget to run Facebook campaigns. You may need to enroll an experienced social media manager or company such as Joel House SEO Canberra to help you with this. Twitter and Instagram also provide opportunities for businesses to grow exponentially.

One of the exceptional characteristics of social media advertising is that it helps to get your message to specific target audiences based on location, interests, age, online behavior, among other crucial factors.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is indisputably the forerunner of online advertising. Over the years, it has maintained the CTR (Click through Rate) feature of assessing the success of advertisements. The main focus is to deliver the most relevant search results to users. Google achieves this by learning various characteristics of online visitors.

Although this method is very effective and can deliver resoundingly good results, it requires a clear understanding and insight. If properly utilized, It’s highly effective. However, it can also be relatively expensive, hence the need for a knowledgeable approach.

Adwords also works very well when combined with other forms of online advertising. It’s also a good way of obtaining near-immediate results. You can also scale it upwards, increasing the budget over time.


For a small business, Automation offers an opportunity for better accountability and faster execution of processes.

Automation can be done in various phases, starting with the less expensive aspects and adopting increased technology as the business grows. It should also be focused on enhancing customer experience, collaboration among departments and better performance of competitive tasks.

The following are more advantages that a small business will benefit from by automating processes.

Saving Time

Repetitive processes can consume a lot of time, especially when executed manually. When such processes are automated, it frees up employee’s time, which in return can be used to undertake other tasks. It also becomes easy to track hurdles that hamper development.

Improve Management of Operations

Projects, contact lists, suppliers, customer orders, and feedback form part and parcel of daily operations. Through automated processes, tracking the performance of each of these elements becomes easier. It’s also a good way of keeping the business in check and giving a sense of direction at every move

Support Marketing and Sales Efforts

Automated processes also help in marketing efforts by providing pointers to various market requirements. This is particularly important when running advertising campaigns and tracking performance. Automated performance indicators save time and money and help in faster decision-making processes.

Gather a Great Team and Give Incentives

A business that has the backing of loyal employees has the potential of growing fast. Such employees become partners in executing the vision of the founders.

Gather a team of gifted and knowledgeable employees to help you drive growth for the business. Training and consistent evaluation should be a continuous process in helping the business to grow. Share your vision with the team and ensure that you clearly communicate goals and objectives.

Businesses acknowledge that an entity as good as its employees. This emphasizes the importance of treating employees as they deserve and paying attention to their professional and personal needs.

Take Surveys, Listen to the Market and Learn

Business success comprises of several elements. It’s not easy to understand all of them at once. However, at every growth process, you can learn what’s important by conducting surveys, observing market trends, and taking feedback from customers.

You also need to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. This allows you to adjust your market strategies to suit various needs.


The most basic aspect of success for small businesses should be addressing a particular market need. When this is achieved, it’s easier for other elements to fall in place. In modern times, there are several tools to help small businesses grow quickly. Entrepreneurs need to evaluate every step of business growth and determine what’s works best.