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If you are reading this article then there is 90% chance you are a workaholic person. But 90% of the workaholic peoples doesn’t think that they are. At one point of time I myself was workaholic when I was just 2-3 years of experience. There was no balance between my personal life and office life. I hardly spent quality time with my family and friends. I used to work for 15 – 18 hours long. I thought due to the bad work culture in the company I was working for long hours.

But at that time I noticed there was other people in office who worked for less hours earned the same money and the boss was happy as well. Then gradually I change my work hours and started managing this more efficiently. Now after 15 years of work experience I know how to balance work life and social life.

Still not sure if you’re a Workaholic?

Take the Quiz in the below Infographic and know yourself.

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How to Figure Out If You’re a Workaholic - by Wrike project management software
Infographic brought to you by Wrike personal project management software.