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More and more businesses are realizing the value of a well-managed PPC or Pay Per Click campaign. However, competitive phrases in certain sectors, particularly the technology industry, might be costly. Do not let the high cost of keywords keep you from building a campaign to reach your target audience. Here are some recommendations from a top PPC agency for efficiently leveraging pay-per-click marketing to reach your target audience in the technology space.


Utilize Google Ads’ Detailed Demographics

Although the comprehensive demographics section in Google Ads is still in development, most accounts may be allowed into the beta program. Understanding which campaign kinds are viable for this form of targeting is critical. These attributes are currently only allowed for video and search ads; they are not accessible for display. The possibilities are unlimited with these demographic variables!

Don’t Overlook Bing Search

Because of its latest LinkedIn integration functionality, Microsoft Ads might be a hidden treasure for B2B enterprises.

Bing Ads campaigns may now target LinkedIn members by layering on certain features of their profiles. These include:

  • Industry
  • Company
  • Job Purpose

As competitiveness in Google Ads grows, it’s no surprise that businesses are becoming more active in Bing.

Advertise Your Brand On YouTube

Gone are the times when you could target $50 CPC search phrases and hope to earn a few hits each day. Unless you have a limitless marketing budget, this form of promotion will not move the needle. Maybe you believed YouTube Ads were just for B2C businesses. Good news: it isn’t!

Technological and other B2B companies are realizing the value of YouTube Ads as a low-cost approach to reaching a responsive audience. With Google’s rollout of new audience categories and customized intent audiences, PPC firms can be more confident that they’re reaching consumers in their desired demographic.

Ensure Your Content Is Clear and Compelling

Most businesses create many target audiences for their product but only develop one pitch for all of them. They are then perplexed when they see that people are not engaged or responding. Shouldn’t you talk to your diverse target groups in different ways? Marketing has naturally grown more emotive because the purpose is to appeal to each user’s pain spots.

If you work in technology and have been depending on standard SEM approaches, it’s time to branch out. When times are tough, the advertising budget is frequently the first to be cut. As a result, regardless of your sector, you must be creative in your pay per click strategy to reach your target consumer.