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Trends change with time and often following the trends can define whether you will be successful in attracting the right target audience for your online business.

This can only happen if you have a website that is trendy and in tune with the times. Let us examine the website design and development trends for the next year, that catching on already.


Originality in Design

If you take your website seriously and depend upon it absolutely or at least majorly for business, then you would also seriously consider is whether it would still look modern and trendy in the coming months, or by the start of the new sale season, it would start looking outdated or like a piece of museum art.
It is understandable that it could be quite difficult to come up with originality in a short period, especially when the competition is breathing down your neck, but this is a definitive trend for the coming year, which will reinforce the design though in the coming months.

Is Flat Design In?

The concept of flat design has been reinforced with the introduction of iOS 7 and iOS 8 along with Android 5.0. It is primarily Android that has contributed a lot to the improvement of flat design. The implementation has been primarily on mobile. The desktop now has take now taken a cue from mobile, and we now see the ‘card’ concept in action which provides a layered approach to 2D as well as 3D design.

Changes to page height

I guess people have got fed up of scrolling vertically endlessly, and it is expected that web designers will take note of this trend. Scrolling is a way to read text in small portions, but ‘endless’ scrolling is definitely not the way to view an entire website. Scrolling or swiping a long way down does not make sense presently, but it is definitely going to take some time for sense to prevail once again.

Sensibly using typography

Good typography helps better letter designing and improving the style and technique of content. Besides enhancing overall site design, it helps your brand to stand apart from the competition. However, if you mess around with the typography, your website could look extremely flawed. There are free typography fonts available on the Internet, but a professional website designer will probably use customized fonts so that your brand’s uniqueness can be emphasize and accentuated.

Add great static Images

If your website looks too full of text then adding an image or two helps improve the web page in general and brings your story to life. Add an image in line with the theme of your website and your business/aim of your website. An odd image will certainly look out of place, while an image in line with the subject of the website will provide a great deal of motivation to the visitor to go through the website.
Alternatively, if moving images are required, then do not hesitate in adding a moving image such as a cinemagraph or a small video instead. The trend of adding a cinemagraph will definitely overshadow videos because these occupy a small bandwidth compared to videos.


With 2016 only a few months away, it is good to see some predictions that could become true for the web designing world. Let’s hope that designing websites becomes a pleasure rather than a pain in the coming months!