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Beautiful website background images or video always helps to boost the user experience. But now browsers are so advanced that you can add more than just image or video in your websites. 3d Animated Website Backgrounds is another excellent way to enhance the look and feel on the website.

For example if your website content is related to technology then you can add a dots and lined 3d animated website background.

You can add 3d animated website backgrounds with Vanta.js

The integration process is very simple. Checkout the demo below and I will explain how to use that in your website.

See the Pen 3d Background with Vanta.js by DJ Designer Lab (@djdesignerlab) on CodePen.

How to Install Vanta.js?

Copy Paste the below code in your html.

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
  el: "#your-element-selector",
  mouseControls: true,
  touchControls: true,
  gyroControls: false,
  minHeight: 200.00,
  minWidth: 200.00,
  scale: 1.00,
  scaleMobile: 1.00

Make sure to change #your-element-selector to your element.

You can find more examples here