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Do you visually communicate with everything you look at?

We mean, do you have a knack for colors and their many-many shades, typography, aesthetics, perspective, angles, branding etc.?
Do you think about these aspects every time you look at a visual piece of art, be it a brand billboard, a bottle with an artistic sticker, a color pop app, a vibrant website, digital and print illustrations, or just anything of similar nature?
Do you think and feel that graphic designing is your cup of tea?
If the answers to these questions is in positive and you still haven’t seriously taken up the career already, we believe that you further need some power reasons to materialize the decision. If you have the following traits discussed below, you should start right away.
So, should you really pursue a Graphic design career? Let’s discover.

Your creativity runs free

Well, this is a basic Kickstarter. Are you the kind of person who can create tempting things from scratch? Do you get new ideas out of the things you see? If you are someone who can propagate an idea, you are probably halfway through your decision.
Graphic designing projects often demand extension of a tiny idea that might have hit the client’s mind. Hence, it is expected of a graphic designer to level up that tiny idea and churn out the most creative and on-point outcome. If you think you can do it, you should take the leap.

You probably love Craft and painting

Graphic Design

There is a reason we used the ‘probably’ word. Common assumption states that the creative flair of expert graphic designers was born through their initial love for craft, painting, and DIY. We aren’t fixating upon that but if same is the case for you, you can be a budding designer who is ready to learn and create impressive designs.

Perspective is your strong point

Everything that we look has many perspectives to it. Similarly, graphic designers are creators who see things in a different light.
Designing clients can be dicey and difficult. Also, because design is difficult to express verbally rather than the end-result. As a graphic designer, you will be required to have your own vision as well as the vision of the client for the project. Both these perspectives will be entirely different yet the mere realization of them will help you deliver the best result.

Creating compelling images/designs is your way of life

Graphic Design

Not limited to sketching, photoshopping, drawing, painting or illustrating; if you create images that can convey their core meaning and impress the onlooker, you are a graphic maestro in making.

Your co-ordination skills are impressive

Working in a team with your reporting design manager and other graphic designers will always not be a smooth ride. There will be times and projects that will demand co-ordination and high levels of stress for a successful completion.
So, if you are good at coordinating with colleagues and you can welcome suggestions and process feedback, graphic design is the thing for you.

You can trace the deliverables as per the client’s expectation

This is simply understood. If you want to be a graphic designer in demand, you will be required to process the client’s expectation of the project just the way they want it to be. If you have great clients, they might ask you to improvise upon their initial blue print. If that happens, consider yourself lucky.

You could kill to save your portfolio

Your portfolio defines your career in the field of graphic designing. It probably has your best work, client samples, testimonials and similar important stuff which we believe, is very close to your heart.
So, if you have a similar graphic design portfolio and you can do just anything to keep it intact, graphic designing is the right choice for you.

You do not hate to learn

Graphic Design

One cannot deny the fact that design is something that cannot be contained. With ever-evolving taste in typography, patterns etc., clients demand to see something new when they hire a graphic designing professional to get their work done.
Your client might be building a blogging website, wanting a bill-board design, an infographic template, a simple newsletter design or just anything else, you will have to provide them with the best. This means that graphic designing will always demand learning new things.
If that doesn’t sound like a lot of work to you, you are in for this choice.

Workload and deadlines do not frighten you

Graphic Design

That might sound a bit exaggerating because we all abhor deadlines and workload. But if you are able to still bring out your best and deliver the best designing samples to your clients overnight, the field is the one for you.

You seek inspiration in everything you can

Firstly, do you find yourself looking at designing stuff awkwardly? Do others find it amusing? Does a new app design tempt you into incorporating the sidebar background into your new website design project? Does a simple T-Shirt print attract you well?
Simply put, if you derive a lot of your present work ideas from things around, you have a flair for graphic designing. This creative streak is an indicator that you should peruse your graphic designing dreams, right away.

Fonts are ‘PEOPLE’ for you

Graphic Design

A lot of times, clients get away with the basic designing instructions for their projects and like to skip the minute details such as the Font.

Did you just shrink at our audacity to call Fonts as ‘minute’?

If yes, you are probably a great graphic designer (in making) who characterizes the elements of designing he/she employs. For you, the Fonts have a personality of their own and they work differently to express the idea behind the illustration.

You can well recognize the shades of colors that others have not even heard of

Ever heard of these colors?You have probably not.
But, if you do know their names and can identify them, you are a designing genius. Need we say more?
Get going, already!

You swear by photo sharing platforms, Instagram, and Pinterest

What is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed, and every time in between?
If you browse and surf your way through dozens of photo sharing platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, famous graphic designing influencer pages for your daily dose of design inspiration, why aren’t you a graphic designer already?

You know the power of ‘Branding’

Graphic Design

The mainstream usage of graphic designing services is for branding purposes. Clients hire expert designing professionals for one or more of the following tasks:
• Create visual concepts
• Turn a story into an illustration
• Advertisements and corporate handouts
• Captivate the audience with a PPT, layout, bill-board design, brochures, magazine, images, photography, website, app etc.
• Packaging
• Titles/graphics
• Print material
• Online publication
• Clothing
• Digital copies
If you identify your design prowess with these avenues and think that you have what it takes to create a successful branding copy, you should definitely pursue graphic designing as a mainstream career.


Graphic designing is a complex, artistic yet fun task for the right person. An ace graphic designer has the capability to simplify the most complex design and present the client with a smooth-to-sail-on end-result.
However, the quest to become an expert designer is a journey full of self-discovery, constant learning, improvising upon feedbacks and even receiving harsh client reviews. If you think you can handle all this like a boss, you should start your journey.
Those were the right question for your self-assessment helping you figure out if you should really chase your designing flair and turn it into a full-time money-making profession.
If you have more suggestive tips, kindly share them with us by dropping them in the comments below.