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WordPress is a powerful and prominent open source CMS (Content Management System) that has given the new standards to the web development industry.

Many of the website owners and professional developers prefer WP as a perfect platform where they can develop an ingenious and innovative website quickly and conveniently.
The vast majority of websites have been developing in WordPress. It has become one of the great platforms that can manage all styles of websites. Therefore, WP is the most favorite Content management system, as compared to other CMS like Joomla, Magento, etc.
In this post, we will find out why the WordPress has become the first choice for many of the web developers and designers.


Simple and Accessible Interface

Many of developers find WordPress the best CMS as compared to Joomla development because it offers user-friendly interface. WP allows you to manage your website or edit the site’s content in a much simpler way. The stock interface is developed with an objective to provide easy to use features that allow you to administer your site fleetly and effortlessly. The stock interface is developed with an objective to provide convenient features that allow you to administer your site fleetly and effortlessly.
With the support of built-in customized widgets and shortcodes, you can easily add applications or snippets of previously written code on the site. Apart from the simple and accessible interface, it also provides exceptional customizability to the users that can help them to maintain the site efficiently.

It is an Open Source CMS

WordPress is becoming a preferable CMS because it is an open source that gives the opportunity to develop a unique and ingenious website. In fact, you can freely use it to develop any type of a site from the recipe site to the e-commerce site.

Offers Wide Range of Plugins

WordPress offers many amazing plugins that are used to make your site more compelling and distinct. You can easily install it through the WP admin panel. As WordPress is offering the largest community of open source CMS, therefore it offers the wide range of plugins to meet the requirements of diversified website owners.
If you want your site to carry out specific functionality, then you can choose a plug-in that can provide you the desired outcomes. In case, your plugin didn’t provide all the specifications, you can also edit it that can match your needs and expectations.

Easy Development Process

WordPress is one of the best blog posting platforms, and a well-supported CMS used to develop all categories of the website. A site develops in WP takes the least time span, as the development process is very convenient and straight forward.

Excellent Documentation

WP has documentation that clearly illustrates the code, and it also gives examples for each and every page of documentation. This feature has made the task easy for developers, as now they don’t need to look through the stretched amounts of code running the CMS to understand what to use to depend on the CMS.
A WordPress Documentation helps you to mow down research activity that might be needed to understand simple functions. Therefore, it is regarded as the most adaptable CMS as compared to other platforms.

Offering Mesmerizing Themes

WordPress offers the fruitful and flexible themes to the website owners and developers. The vast range of themes is available in WP that can help you develop an intriguing and amazing website.
All the mesmerizing themes give you the opportunity to create your website that can drive more visitors and potential users.

Installs Quickly

One of the great advantages of WordPress is that it quickly and easily install. It is the easiest CMS to install as compared to Magento development platforms. Many of the developers have appreciated WordPress, as it makes their work much easier and quicker.


There are boasts of CMS options available in the web development industry, but WordPress has attained a significant position due to its user-friendly interface, vast choice of plugins and themes, excellent documentation and quick development process sorts of features. That’s why developers find WordPress exceptional than other Content Management System.