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AngularJS has been drawing a lot of attention to itself, these days. So why has AngularJS framework become so popular?

Before to knowing the reasons, a better understanding of the fundamentals of AngularJS is important. AngularJS is an open-source structural web application framework. This framework, maintained by Google, is used in addressing the issues faced during the development of single-page web applications. Every noted AngularJS development company has praised this framework for its abundant features which make web application development an easy task.
A powerful JavaScript library like AngularJS allows the web developer to use HTML as their template language. More importantly, client-side MVC pattern is used to build applications. Also, simplification of development and testing of single-page web applications is the main advantage provided by MVC patterns.


Reasons to use AngularJS as your framework

Maintains the code short

A big amount of code need not be written as automated synchronization happens. The automatic updates through two-way data binding reduce the burden of coding. So how it happens? It is simple; when the data is changed in the model, automatic update of view occurs, and vice versa.
When the burden of excessive coding is eliminated, the developer can focus on the other major aspects of web development.

Injectable and Testable

The dependency injection system is highly helpful. Here, an object is provided its dependencies. Controller, service, directive, factory are some for whose functions, dependency injection works with. For instance, $scope is an object. And the Democontroller is injected with it along with $http. It means that how the object is created is unknown, but only knows how to consume object. Things that are injectable are called services.
The application can be separated into numerous different types of components. AnjularJS injects components into each other. This modularization is highly beneficial. It helps in easy reusing, configuring and testing the components. “Value” is an object. “Values” are created by a function called “factory”. “Service” is a JavaScript object. It consists of a set of functions. “Providers” is a highly flexible form of “factory”
When speaking about testing, regardless of the complexity of functionality, the applications have to be put to the test. Unit testing in AngularJS is very useful. The code is split to smaller modules and is put to test. It is akin to a type of documentation. Some of testing frameworks are QUnit, mocha and jasmine. Famous task runners are protractor and karma.

Directives help create custom HTML components

Directives are nothing but extended HTML attributes. They are markers on DOM element and, therefore, attach a particular behaviour to DOM elements. The most important aspect of AngularJS is that application specific HTML elements which can be reused can be invented. Directives aid in creating custom and also reusable HTML components. Hiding of complex DOM structure, making manipulations in the DOM attributes can be done. Directives come in HTML element, CSS class, custom attribute and comment.

Filters offer flexibility

Tasks like formatting of currencies and dates are performed by filters. Filters, which are standalone functions, are meant to transform or change data. Some of the mainly used filters include currency filter, orderby filter, lowercase filter and uppercase filter. Before the data reaches the view, the data is filtered.
Apart from text string reversing and filtering an array, tasks such as number formatting with decimal points and pagination execution are performed. Besides being used in applying filters to expressions in view templates, they are also used in directives, services and controllers.

Active community support

Developers have the community support. As this framework is being maintained by Google, there is no dearth of individuals who would be readily interested in helping their peers. Any doubts or questions can be asked and clarified on StackOverflow and SitePoint. There is also lots of forums that offer support.


Along with the above mentioned reasons, there are also many more developer-friendly features in AngularJS that make web application development very easier. For developers who haven’t experienced AngularJS, it is time to give it a try.