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The more time passes, the more complex technology becomes. With the complexities, a number of trends are always seen to be raised from time to time. It’s almost the end of 2020, and 2021 will also welcome a range of new trends that will be the frontier. Here, we are talking about the trends in web development.

Web development is one of the biggest industries in the world with almost all the businesses stepping foot into the digital world! And that very aspect has led many technologies to emerge and new trends to keep coming more rapidly than any other industry in the world. When it comes to the technologies, the whole thing becomes very much unpredictable and variable. Breakthroughs and advancements in the technology world never stop surprising us, and the digital evolution we are witnessing at the moment sets trends that are followed to stay on the race to be the best.

After talking to a number of web page development agencies and observing the modern web development practices, we finally have the list of top 5 trends that are anticipated to revolutionize the year 2021. Let’s take a look.

Top Web Development Trends in 2021

Technology is growing strong and setting trends. The web development industry experiences a number of trends every year and 2021 will be no different. While some trends are new, some remain to be the trend from 2020 or even 2019! So, let’s start without further ado!

AI and Bots

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the system integrated into machines in order to mimic human intelligence and function in a smarter way. Through AI, the machines perform cerebral functions like learning, data collection, information analysis, detecting emotion, or resolve complicated problems. The year 2021 will see more applications of AI and there will be an absolute hike in the requirement for analytics solutions, multi-task automation, and AI-driven communication to name a few.

The AI-driven virtual assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri along with voice bots and chatbots have already helped businesses for the betterment of communication, interaction, and engagement. The evolution of AI has empowered the user experience on the digital platform with great consistency and accuracy across messaging, voice, chat, and websites.

On the other hand, the ANN (Artificial Neural Network) studies and researches along with Machine Learning Development can lead the AI to its goal of simulating human empathy successfully.

Progressive Web App

One of the hottest trends of 2020, Progressive Web App (or PWAs) is going to remain a big trend even in 2021. Being loaded like a regular web application or web page, the Progressive Web Apps contain a superior level of functionalities. Regardless of the browser or the network speed, these web apps can load instantly, which adds to its user experience. Being developed with progressive enhancement, the PWA follows the web design strategy that stresses on the core content more than the others.

With PWA, users can get an uninterrupted, reliable, independent, and instant experience without any issues with the cache. Moreover, the PWAs eliminate threats like data tampering or content snooping as it’s served via HTTP. All these make PWA a safe choice to go with.

Apart from all the above facts, Progressive Web Apps are immensely user-friendly, hassle-free, and installable which will surely improve the existing technologies. With great built-in features and service workers, PWA is capable of re-engaging users with push notification and can be shared via a URL. All these safety and features have kept it a trend and will keep it trendy in 2021 as well.

Single Page Application

SPA or Single Page Application is a JavaScript-based web app that works outstandingly well among the user devices. With the Single Page Applications, you will get the benefits of boosted performance, minimized interruption for page reloading, and less web development time with a quick response to the navigation actions without creating any request to fetch the server-side HTML.

SPA is liked across the globe by millions of users because of its excellence and efficiency for building responsive websites, supporting the apps on all devices from mobile, desktop, and tablet. The recent use of Angular and React frameworks for developing these sorts of applications has made the web application practical and extremely compatible being a hybrid app.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Top 5 Web Development Trends Likely to Revolutionize 2021 1Commonly known as IoT, the Internet of Things has already earned its spot in users’ hearts, being a great way to access the internet and take leverage of the web through wearable devices. The control people are gaining over the software and the internet is something that will never be faded from the mind and the trend. IoT has been a trend for a few years and 2021 is considered to see a blast in its demand. A number of software development companies all across the globe are creating IoT solutions for tech-savvy individuals worldwide.

With advanced technologies, the IoT-driven world is witnessing smart homes, connected cars, smart shops, and even a smart city! Considering the fact that IoT is still in its infant stage, 2021 can witness a great trend in IoT technologies and applications to be developed with more advancements.

Voice Search Optimization

Let us give you some statistics: almost 40 million Americans possess a smart speaker, voice search share 20% of all the mobile queries, 50% of the US households are expected to have smart speakers by the year 2022! So, do you know what these things mean? There will be a huge leap of voice search, which has already begun! Voice search is becoming more relevant and more alive. And the growing use of Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Echo is the proof of it. So, at the moment, the audience is becoming more comfortable in saying out loud rather than typing it!

But some may say that this is a concern for SEO; how does this affect web development? Well, firstly, it makes the mobile site more important. This means developers have to pay more attention to make the sites even more mobile-ready. And secondly, alongside the growing habituation with voice search, internally integrated voice search on websites would really be a groundbreaking trend in the coming days. Fortunately for the developers, APIs are available for voice search recognition, which is compatible with the world’s two leading browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So, you are giving your audience a chance to not only use voice search on browsers but also on your website!

Blockchain Technology

Thanks to Bitcoin and its developer, Satoshi Nakamoto (claimed to be Japanese), the world experienced the Blockchain Technology. Blockchain is a distributed and open archive, known for its protected design, modified-resistance blocks, and decentralized agreement. Blockchain is created to improve cash flow, reduce the transaction settlement frequency, and decrease the financial business cost, so that those who are investing in cryptocurrency are able to make use of the features of things like their digital wallets, as an example, and be confident that their crypto is safe and secure at all times.

Managed by a peer-to-peer network, Blockchain has a strict protocol for the new block authentication procedure and inter-node communication. This is why Blockchain has earned the title of the ‘first and most reliable Cryptocurrency company.’


These are the most likely web development trends that will take the year 2021 by storm. The web development world has always been evolving and many trends have made their way to web development and changed the industry for good. Now, with the above trends, 2021 is likely to be an eventful year for the web development industry. With new frameworks, languages, and design trends, the year will not disappoint us in terms of innovation in technology and web development.