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Yes, you heard me well. There are many ways of making money which people can try these days. That is why we now have more careers than ever before. If you are innovative enough, you can even make money without a lot of effort. For now, let’s leave any other ways aside and discuss the best ways of making money through art and illustrations.

Making Money Through Art and IllustrationsArtists and illustrators’ jobs are almost similar because they work for the same purpose. Illustrations may have more meaning when interpreted as intended while art may just be for decorative purposes. From this, you will see that illustrators are also artists. So, let’s see how one can make money while in this career.

Selling Your Art and Illustrations

It is as simple as coming up with creative pieces of art and looking for an appropriate platform to sell them on. Thanks to technology, one does not need a brick and mortar shop, especially when they are beginners. You just need an online selling website and money processing services. Marketing such businesses nowadays is pretty simple and a DIY project.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are excellent selling platforms. However, one can still sell out of a brick and mortar shop on a busy street or shopping mall and make good money. Ultimately—depending on how much you sell—tax time will look a little different. You will need to keep detailed, accurate records of your sales, as well as set aside a portion of the income to pay taxes. You may need an updated tax calculator to determine how much to withhold. If managing finances is beyond your skill set, there is absolutely no shame in seeking the help of a tax professional or CPA.

Making Money by Getting Employed

As an artist or an illustrator, it is easy to get a job through an agency that deals with that profession in a large number. Beginners in the career are better employed so that they can learn more and gain the experience needed before they think of starting a business.

If you are such a person, why not try the agencies that deal with animatic commercials to see if they will offer you a job? Getting a job like this is a good idea even for experienced artists and illustrators since the pay could be so high.

Creating Tutorials Online

Whether you choose YouTube, which is now the most popular video-sharing platform, or any other, you can make good money if the content you post is valuable to upcoming artists and viewers in general. Apart from getting a payment directly from people who want the tutorials, videos with many views attract ads, and this is another good source of passive income. Even tutorials on a personal website will sell well if people see the worthiness in them. Thus, the first step is to plan for tutorials that are detailed and then test them to see if they are giving any value.
Making Money Through Art and Illustrations 1

Collaborating with Others

You can open up more money-making ideas if you work closely with others. This means networking with various organizations and bodies. Sometimes hotels, restaurants, new offices, and other premises ask for art and illustrations from experts who they share these groups with. So, as you do this, it increases the opportunities for selling either the physical art or illustrations or offering advisory services for pay.


See, there are many ways in which you can make money through art and illustration. If you are talented in this or have gone to college for it, it is time to make use of your skills to get money.