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Prior to iPhone 5 launch, smart-phone users started talking about the features that iPhone 5 should have,

for some still are not happy with look & feel of iPhone 5 and for others it turned a blast. Rounding up of rumors before iPhone 5 launch.

iPhone 5 Rumors Prior to its launch 1

Same Design

The iPhone 5 is likely to visually look like the iPhone 4. Brushed metal could however replace glass on the back side.

New Design

The design of iPhone 5 could also be inspired by iPad 2 which would mean a reduced thickness and a metallic back side with rounded off edges.

White Models

It is of course highly possible that the iPhone 5 will be available in white.

Physical Keyboard

The rumor announced for many years that the iPhone will one day be equipped with a physical sliding keyboard.

64GB models

On the other Hand 64 GB model could be available.

Full HD Video Recording

iPhone 5 cameras could also be able to record 1080 Full HD Videos.

Low Cost Models

Apple should consider launching some less efficient models and therefore less expensive to broaden its clientele.

No More Storage

Whether it is for Standard iPhone 5 or possible low cost models, the future iPhones would not include internal memory storage.

3D Display

Just like some mobiles, with or without glasses, the screen of the iPhone 5 could handle the 3D display.

Better Battery

The Battery of iPhone 5 Could have better autonomy but it will probably keep the same length as iPhone 4.

CDMA Model

As it is already the case for CDMA iPhone 4, an iPhone 5 model equipped with CDMA chip is highly possible.

R-UIM MicroCards Compatibility

Other option, a CDMA model compatible with microSIM UICC R-UIM is possible.

NFC Technology

Whether it is to pay or to get access to your apple accounts from any Mac, the iPhone 5 could include the NFC technology.

Two SIM Card tray

The iPhone 5 could be equipped with 2 SIM Card slits to allow the use of 2 cards simultaneously…Yes right…

AS Processor

Revealed at the iPad 2 launching, the iPhone 5 should be next to have a AS processor.

More RAM

The iPhone 4 has 512Mo RAM, the iPhone 5 could include 1Go RAM.

HDMI Output

Just like the iPad 2, the iPhone 5 dock connector could be used, thanks to an adapter, as a HDMI output with 1080p HD support.

4G/LTE Support

The iPhone 5 could be declined in the version compatible with the 4G/LTE network Standards.

Enhanced Voice Controls

With the new iOS 5, the existing voice control could be enhanced and new ones added.

iTunes Cloud

The Significant increase of Apple network infrastructure could show that the brand is on the verge of launching a cloud version of iTunes or a better mobile me.

iOS 5 Launch

Apple could use the presentation of the iPhone 5 as an occasion to unveil the iOS 5 that would be available on the release day of the iPhone 5.