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If you own a business, there has never been a better time to go mobile.

If you own a business, there has never been a better time to go mobile. An extremely large percentage of people rely on tablets and smartphones in their day-to-day lives. Businesses that fail to adapt to this new way of accessing the Internet are limiting their ability to connect with these people.

A recent study done by a research organization known as Clutch found that mobile apps have been developed by fewer than 25% of small businesses. However, the study also found that close to 50% of small businesses anticipate developing an app before 2017.

The amount of traffic that small businesses receive from mobile users has risen from approximately 10% to approximately 70% over the last several years. Because of that, he feels that more and more businesses will begin seeing the value of developing an app to reach a mobile audience.

Along with the ability to reach a larger group of people, mobile apps also offer a number of other benefits and it doesn’t have to cost a lot in term of time or cash. Here are three compelling reasons why you may want to consider developing one for your business:


More Purchases

Of the businesses that responded to the survey put out by Clutch, 55% said that the primary purpose of their app was to increase sales. Apps can help make the process of checking out fast and easy, resulting in an overall increase in sales. They can also make it simpler for people to shop, providing a way for them to buy products or services regardless of where they are. Going mobile even provides business owners with a way to send out alerts to customers anytime there are noteworthy events such as upcoming sales or product releases.

A Better Experience for Customers

Another benefit of using a mobile app is that it makes it easy for your customers to find the information that they are looking for. The fact that the app is constantly accessible to customers can provide them with a better experience.

He also notes the importance of having a mobile app along with a website that is designed to be mobile-friendly. Both of these tools serve a different purpose. Mobile websites are generally discovered when people are searching at random. Apps, on the other hand, are installed by customers who are interested in a company’s products, allowing the business to actively engage with them.

Become more Competitive

Companies in every industry are actively pursuing mobile users. Any businesses that fail to take advantage of this market will be left in the dust. AppSheet CEO Praveen Seshandri believes that developing an understanding of the technology surrounding mobile devices can make business owners more effective and can help streamline day-to-day operations.

According to the survey done by Clutch, apps are most beneficial when they include the following features:

— Rewards for loyal customers.

— Integration with social media, making it easy for customers to connect.

— The ability to regularly update users through the use of push notifications.

— The ability to be personalized, making it possible for businesses to reach customers through a variety of different avenues ranging from rewards programs to location-based alerts.

One thing that every business owner should understand is that there are key differences between developing a website that is mobile friendly and developing an app that is specifically designed for mobile users. An app provides many more opportunities to engage with this audience, improving the chances of being able to grow the mobile aspect of a business.