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Groundbreaking concepts are flowing in the online world. Some of them are simply fantastic, some are revolutionary and some of them are just basic.

But which of them has the caliber to create a win-win situation for everyone? We started our thrilling journey to explore the same. To our surprise, we found the top seven promising clone scripts concepts on our way. Let’s see them right away.


Storage is one cloud nine

Dropbox has transformed the way we store data. Now you just drag the file, drop it in Dropbox and your file is stored online. This revolutionary website has set a benchmark for online industries. Many entrepreneurs want to establish a website like Dropbox. The easiest and affordable way to do so is to use a Dropbox clone for developing a cloud storage website. Let’s see the three best clone scripts, future and target audience of websites like Dropbox.

Who uses cloud storage websites?

From small term users to government institutions have started using cloud storage websites.

What is the future of cloud storage websites?

Cloud storage is going to rule the storage mechanism for more than 20 years from now.

Best Dropbox clone script

Amongst various Dropbox clone scripts, the following are the three best scripts in the online world.
• Seafile
• SparkleShare
• ownCloud

Orbit of Freelancing

Freelancing is an era old phenomena, which has shaped up into a profit generating concept. Various pioneer website like Elance and freelancer have used it to create great freelance job portals. Anyone can adopt this concept and create a dynamic freelancing website by using an elance clone script. It is the smartest and cost-effective way to develop a website. Besides that, it also saves $8000 of money as well. Discover the best elance clone script, future and target audience of this concept.

Who uses freelancing websites?

Freelancers from all over the world will use these websites. They are more than 2 million in numbers.

What is the future of this concept?

Most of the employees are turning towards freelancing. Soon three fourth of the worlds working population will become freelancers.

Best elance clone script

The following are the best elance clone scripts present in the online market.
• Getlancer
• Nlance
• EZ Freelancer clone script

Spread the news

Press release is one of the viral methods of marketing anything in the online world. That’s why people prefer various Press Release websites like PRWeb. It success has motivated the entrepreneurs to start a similar website. Now it is possible to start a press release website in just a week by using a PRWeb clone script. Explore the best clone script, target audience and future of this concept.

Who uses Press Release websites?

Every company, political party, corporate, news agencies, financial houses, business houses, websites and products selling firms use press releases websites.

What is the future of press release websites?

Press release websites have an everlasting scope in the online industry.

Best Press release script

Press Release Script is the only PRWeb clone script which has dynamic features and web designs.

Affordable rental accommodations around the world

Vacation is one word which spreads smiles across various faces. People like to go on vacation to enjoy their life. They face a huge issue with accommodation. Websites like airbnb, Wimdu and 9Flats help them to find rental booking spaces. It is a trendsetting concept of the online industry. You can also create a rental booking website in a short span of time by using an airbnb clone script. Your website will be ready for a global audience in no time. View the best scripts, target audience and the future of this industry.

Who uses rental booking websites?

Travelers and tourist from all over the world will use a rental booking website.

What is the future of this concept?

This concept is famous due to its everlasting scope. The thirst of viewing new places and earning money will never come to an end.

Best airbnb clone script

Check out the three best airbnb clone script available in the online industry.
• Burrow
• Bnbclone
• DropInn

Audio travels on cloud

Sound is in the air for a long time through radio communications, but now it is on cloud. You can upload, record, promote and share songs from the cloud. Thanks to an innovative website called SoundCloud. Now many people want to copy their concept and use it for various verticals. They should go for SoundCloud clone scripts. It acts as a platform to create, manage, and maintain an audio sharing cloud website. Check out the target audience, future and best SoundCloud clone script.

Who uses websites like SoundCloud?

Musicians, companies, podcast, content marketers, cinema, theatre, radio broadcast and various types of organization uses these websites.

What is the future of press release websites?

As long as the last sound is heard on this earth, this concept has the future.

Best SoundCloud clone scripts

Roamsoft and NCrypted are two great clone script companies which have great SoundCloud clone scripts.

Hemisphere of crowdfunding

Money is very essential to nourish any dream into reality. These days arranging money for projects is not a difficult task. Thanks to crowdfunding websites like kickstarter and IndieGoGo. The success of this website has motivated various people to start a similar website for different nations. They can use the magical power of Kickstarter clone script to develop a crowdfunding platform. It provides you smart front-end and back-end options for the entire website. Have a look at the best scripts, future and target audience of this concept.

Who uses crowdfunding websites?

The youth of the world will use this concept to the maximum.

What is the future of this concept?

It is the only recession free industry around the world. It has a great scope till the human race exists on this earth.

Best Kickstarter clone script

Outshining various scripts, the below-mentioned scripts are the popular and best Kickstarter clone script
• SFPlatform
• Angel Nest
• Crowdhoster

Big database of movies

Who doesn’t love movies? How about having a database of movies, which can be accessible to any generations of the global citizens? Well that’s exactly what IMDB does. Many people want to copy their concept, create a website and make money easily. To make the entire web development process comfortable, easy and quick, IMDB clone scripts are available in the online world. Check out the best IMBD scripts, target audience and future of this concept.

Who uses websites like SoundCloud?

From teenagers to elders will love to surf the Internet Movie Database websites.

What is the future of IMDB clone websites?

People of the world will never stop watching movies and searching for them.

Best IMDB scripts

The below-mentioned scripts are the best IMDB clone scripts available in the online world.
• Filmaster
• Movie Automator
• VideoDB

Final word

The above-mentioned concepts are set to rule the online industry and conquer the hearts of the users. These trendsetting concepts have a strong revenue model as well. All of them have the capability to flourish in the online world. Do let us know which one is your favorite concept and why?