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Forbes has stated that mobile is the future of everything. Internet access through mobile has overtaken Internet usage through desktop in a big way. As per the 2018 data , more than 70% of the web traffic pins its origin to mobile devices against 57% in 2017. Quartz estimated this jump to be around 80% in 2019.

App Development Guide for Beginners 1

The 21st-century generation is obsessed with having a modern technological touch to everything in their life. People look forward to having the best experience by not having to wait for a very long time or not using much of their grey cells in their brain to achieve a result. It is true with any phone application usage.

The users of mobile apps want the application to respond quickly to their inputs and fetch the results as fast as possible. Since the game is to attract more customers, mobile app development looks forward to having the design that offers the best UX, or user experience, and UI, or user interface.

The Difference between UI and UX

Some people believe that UI and UX are the same. But that’s not the case. Let us know their differences.

UX or user experience is everything about creating a user flow by making a user-oriented app design that enhances the user experience, which is eventually the goal of a mobile application.

Whereas, the UI or user interface is everything about improving the mobile app interactivity. It mainly focuses on the visual aesthetics of the mobile application. Creativity using Adobe Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, and Sketch are a few tools used to improve the visualization skills of every button of the app.

Basic Guidelines for App Development

Major brands today look for an agency to develop their apps so that they become interactive and graphically alive. It only happens when the UX design and the UI implemented in the mobile app are efficient. Let us review some of the basic guidelines to gain the best UX or UI design in a mobile app:

Research is the key

You need to conduct extensive research before you start any project. You need to pen down your ideas and concepts. Research helps in understanding the business requirement as well as undertake mock-up sessions accordingly. These sessions will help in reviewing the app’s functionality along with its look and feel. One can consider the following factors while conducting the search.

  • To search and analyze the target audience
  • To examine the personas of various users along with their background and objective check
  • To generate a comprehensive report stating the analysis and user feedback

Application layout

The layout of an application plays a significant role for the users. The designers should use the space of the app and sensibly put in the details. They have to use all their creativity to bring out some great visually appealing apps for this digital world. 

An expert in mobile app development los angeles (or elsewhere more relevant for you) will understand that whilst creative liberties can be employed, the design should not become confusing for the users. The app should be visually attractive and easily accessible to the users. The user experience (UX) will remain positive through keeping things simple, whilst making them look nice simply polishes the app and brand image.

  • More interactivity, the better

The phone app should be as interactive as possible to be successful. This element of interactivity makes the navigation of the app extremely easy, along with its attractive appearance. 

The item placement, color, and icons are essential elements of an excellent interactive mobile application. The app should preferably use the colors related to the brand and not use too many colors to make it seem unprofessional. Minimalism is what is more appealing to today’s generation than overdoing it.

  • Colour Scheme of the mobile App

The color scheme of the mobile app reflects the brand that it projects in the app, so, it is crucial to choose and follow the theme of the brand. Professional designers suggest using four to five colors maximum to make the app attractive. They also recommend using material design colors for Android and human interface guidelines for iOS applications.

  • Prototypes and wireframes

One of the key tasks of a UX designer is to create a wireframe. It makes the user-flow convenient according to their requirements. Also, they need to create an interactive prototype that is a must for a mobile app to be successful. 

The designers should be transparent and consistent in maintaining these resources to create a better user interaction in the application.

  • Consistency of the app

Consistency in an application is critical, and it is the designer’s responsibility to look after it. All the app screens should be consistent enough for creating no confusion for the users while they navigate from one screen to another.

  • User assistance to be included

The app becomes accessible and easy for navigation with the help of user assistance. This key feature is convenient when the user goes through any problem or error during application usage. It can resolve any issues that arise while using this app.

In case of the absence of this feature, the users may immediately uninstall the app to search for its substitute if they face any problem while using the application.

The Benefits of creating an Application with excellent UX Design and UI

  1. A mobile application can attract and impress users in just a few seconds with its appealing graphics and an awesome UI and UX design. The users are drawn if the design is engaging, which leads them to spend more time on the app.
  2. An impressive mobile application works wonders for boosting the brand. When the customers get satisfied with the UI and the UX design services in the application, they lean towards the company that has made them happy. Therefore, the company should invest in good UI and UX design agencies.
  3. Once the application is made with a perfect UI and UX design, professional tips, and following some of the best practices for app updates and maintenance can save a significant amount of time, money, and company resources, which can be helpful elsewhere.

To conclude, one can say that designing great UI and UX in the process of app development  is of vital importance and should not be ignored at any cost. The success of the entire application depends wholly on the user interface and user experience, along with other features and the performance of the application, which are considered secondary.