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Do you know about whiteboard animation videos? Well, it is a video that helps you to share a story with your audience using drawings or sketches.

Now that you know how whiteboard animation videos can easily let you share interesting stories with your audience, you must know the best whiteboard animation software that you can use to create such compelling videos. It is considered to be one of the best educational tools that can simplify the complex messages into simple ones by making it entertaining and more engaging for your audience.

Before getting into the tips and tricks to create a useful whiteboard animation video, first, you must learn what do you mean by whiteboard animation and why you must choose these videos.

What exactly is a whiteboard animation video?

Whiteboard animation videos are made by recording the drawing process of an artist on the whiteboard while they describe the concept or the idea behind it. In today’s world, these videos are a must in a company’s production process, which helps them significantly in improving their overall ROI to about 60 to 70 percent every year.

Today, most of the companies enhance the originality of these videos by adding 2D or 3D character animations, and a few special effects.

Why should you choose animation videos?

A perfect guide to create whiteboard animation videos 1

As you will be developing a story for your viewers, you will be required to send across a message to your viewers instantly through voiceovers, explaining them visually in the form of art. This ensures that a strong message is being delivered to your potential customers by telling them the concept and the idea of your business.

According to a report, more than 87 percent of the brand’s and big businesses use promotional videos as a marketing tool.

Whiteboard animation videos are considered to be highly engaging as there’s always a story behind the creation of the video that attracts the eyes of the viewers. Because of this educational approach technique, you can attract millions of customers globally and expand your business internationally.

Tips for creating the best-animated video ever on the whiteboard:

Whenever you are creating an animated video on a whiteboard, you must consider these following tips to ensure that your message is being delivered correctly to the viewers.

Using the storytelling power:

When you are trying to deliver a marvelous story, nobody will be able to resist it. Using this power to attract people, rather than using any other selling tactics, will help you in reaching out to many people from different parts of the world.

You must remember that the story you are creating should be focused on your audience, their issues, and their difficulties in life. It shouldn’t be focusing on the features of your products. Focusing on the story that is based on your audience’s experiences will help you in gaining their attention and empathy quickly.

Creating animated characters:

Everyone nowadays loves to watch animated character videos if it has good content and a plot. The characters that you will be creating must hold your story together and ensure that it revolves around the lives of audiences, and not yours.

A perfect guide to create whiteboard animation videos 2
Image Source – yumyumvideos

Animated characters will help you in adding a personal touch and approach to your audience, helping you to connect with them. It helps you in making your video more engaging, appealing, and memorable.

Keeping it traditional:

Three basic things will help you in keeping your video a bit classic – (i) keeping a white background, (ii) continuous black-colored drawing, and (iii) using hands to draw, and not technologies.

Keeping your video traditional will help you to reach out to people across different ages. It also helps you in adding a personal touch and giving your video a recognizable style.

Writing a great script:

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Image Source – yumyumvideos

When you are creating a video, the script becomes the backbone of the video. It also becomes the first step of making a useful and practical explainer video. Make sure that you come up with a script that shouldn’t exceed more than 240 words so that you can keep the video restricted to about 90 seconds. People don’t like to watch lengthy videos, so you need to keep your video short and sweet.

Don’t break the flow of the video:

When you are creating a useful explainer video and are adding animated characters to it, you will have to ensure that the drawings should flow continuously as the narration passes by. You will have to ensure that the flow of the video shouldn’t break at any given time. It will create a disconnection between you and your audience instantly.

You must add some cuts and swaps in your video, adding fantastic resources into your video to make it more informative. Keep a balance of everything in your video.

Adding attractive colors:

Making your whiteboard animation video classy and traditional is the key to attract the viewer’s eyes. You will have to ensure that your video looks and sounds exciting to the people. You can do it by adding some fantastic colors to your video, making it different from the rest. Also, keep a balance of the colors so that you don’t end up overusing it.

Interconnecting drawings:

Once you have come up with your script and drawings, you will have to start outlining your video. When you are coming up with a whiteboard animated video, you will have to ensure that you keep your audience engaged by adding some suspense in your video. They should always wonder what’s coming up next and should eagerly wait for it.

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Image Source – yumyumvideos

You will have to ensure that your video takes the right shape once you have outlined it. It’s equally essential for you to interconnect the drawings that you are making so that the audience doesn’t get distracted seeing your video.

Keep up to the timelines when illustrating:

You should ensure that the drawing is appropriate so that people can see what you are making and get your message. When you tend to draw or erase something, it will make your video look more relaxed and convey the story to the audience crisply. So, make sure that you rely upon your animator and illustrator to set a perfect timing to your video.

Make the video a bit emotional:

Always try to connect with the emotions of your audience so that the message can be conveyed clearly. In this digitalization era, ensure that all the characters move a bit with the flow of the video and make it more engaging.

Add perfect sound FX and some music:

Emphasizing and improving the accurate pace of specific words when you are recording your video is an essential key to making your video successful. Utilizing alluring music for complementing the video or your brand becomes essential for you to make an impactful animated video.

Final words

Whiteboard animated video is an excellent way to approach your audience and let them know what you are selling to them innovatively.

You can make a video within your budget and can place it anywhere you want when it comes to digital platforms.

You can also reduce your bounce rate when you are making animated videos and releasing them on your website.

So, try to make an innovative and creative video to please your audience and gain their trust.