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The health and wellness industry has certainly seen a momentous shift in the last two decades. As sites like document, there are now a wide variety of ways to treat conditions like anxiety, allergies, or arthritis. The term self-care is no longer a throwaway buzzword used to target niche demographics. It has now turned into a full-on movement, and the market is said to reach $236B by 2026. Self-care and the different ways to manage it have become so popular in the past few years.

Meditation and the use of CBD products, such as CBD oils have become very popular for many different people, as they can help to support a number of physical and mental problems. CBD can now be purchased online from sites like Organic CBD Nugs making it increasingly accessible to all. It is also becoming more and more accessible for those who are perhaps on a tighter budget, with websites now even offering coupon codes for CBD products (check out a coupon code here). Taking care of your mental health, however you might like to, has become one of the most important elements of overall wellbeing as a result of this new movement. With that in mind, expect the following Wellness and Mental Health apps to make waves in 2020.

Health Apps


Everyone has to eat to survive, but only a percentage of people don’t care what’s in their food. For everybody else, there is Edo. Geared more towards people with dangerous food allergies or specific lifestyles, like Veganism, Edo lets you know what you are putting into your body. It analyzes the ingredients and determines whether the food is a healthy option for you or not. For people with intolerances, this app is a lifesaver.


Created by Simply Rooted Media, this is a great app for people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. Even though it offers in-app purchases, Rootd’s core features are free to download and use.  The app is to be used when the user is experiencing a panic attack. They are given the option of being guided through a body scan and visualizations, or they can be connected to a pre-determined emergency contact. Rootd offers breathing techniques and stress management exercises.


This app has been called the Netflix of fitness/health apps, which should tell you something about the variety of options available. FIIT gives users access to on-demand personal trainers, interactive classes, and it supports a social component for members through its Fiit Club. The app also sends users a heart-monitoring chest strap to keep track of progress and store analytics. It then uses this information to give personalized goals.

Working with an experienced app developer is crucial when crafting apps similar to FIIT. Apps must be able to analyze data creatively, program best results for each unique user, and present the information in a digestible manner. Over 60% of consumers have downloaded and interacted with a wellness or mental health app at least once, which means the number of people opting for a healthier lifestyle can’t be ignored. But, to truly connect with users, app developers need to take care of them in ways no other apps can. Especially when dealing with mental health, app developers need to be sensitive to the users’ needs and think creatively on how to address them.

Develop Mobile Health Apps with the Right Partner

Partnering with an experienced and innovative app developer will help your company connect with a broader range of users. Guaraná Technologies, for instance, provides the knowledge and personal touch impossible to find with larger app firms — and they can customize your app for any platform.

Whether you’re looking to design for Apple’s exclusive but highly popular ecosystem, or Android’s more user-dense open-source operating system, you can click here to find out how the right lean developer can help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Companies like this one can take you through the necessary steps to creating a popular wellness app — and they will go the extra mile to ensure that your idea is both technologically exciting and is providing a helpful service in this growing space.

Designing the best wellness or mental health app for your desired user base requires finding a development partner who will ensure your vision is never compromised. Do that, and you’ll be topping this list in no time.