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WordPress is a giant when it comes to powering websites in the internet sphere. WordPress powers over 40% of the websites on the internet. If you are a digital marketing agency and want a reliable content marketing system, WordPress is a no-brainer choice.

Read this blog to find out why you need WordPress for digital marketing or any other purpose:

Top Reasons to Use WordPress for Digital Marketing

1. Social Media Friendly 

Digital marketing requires a strong understanding of content marketing. Additionally, promotion and evolution are quite crucial in the field of content marketing. WordPress knows this, so it has made it easier for a WordPress site to connect to social networking sites.

You can ask your WordPress site visitors to “like” or “share” something after you’ve posted it. To accomplish this, merely install plugins like Social Warfare, Shared Counts, or Jetpack.

2. A Plethora of Design Options 

Apart from advanced functionalities, WordPress for digital marketing offers you a free platform to play with different design options. You can do better than your competitors by making designs that stand out and improving the user experience, or UX.

Moreover, WordPress also enables you to choose design templates to customise to satisfy your brand outlook. Whether you have a news blog or an e-commerce site, you can find everything to quench your design thirst.

While other high-quality CMSs are available, WordPress for digital marketing stands out. It has no programming restrictions and is far less expensive.

3. Easy to Update and Maintain 

WordPress is a fantastic tool for brands to update and maintain their websites. Every WordPress development agency finds it seamless to provide their services to their clients. Whether you need to update your content or post something new, WordPress enables you to do it as you want.

It is easy to update content and post something new without coding knowledge. You also get a variety of WordPress themes and plugins to keep your site safe from cyber attacks and automatically updated.

4. Seamless Customization

Do you know? There are a lot of free plugins for WordPress that make it easy to change how your site looks. You can find a plugin for just about anything, from reducing the size of images to adding a payment gateway to your e-commerce site.

With an array of themes, you get the flexibility to shift or change different functionalities to match your customer’s or your own needs. And the good news! You can do all these things without any coding knowledge or experience.

5. 100% Responsive

Today, you need a mobile responsive website because most of the internet prefers using handheld devices for web browsing. A survey observed that 68.1% of all web traffic originates from smart devices. Google uses a website’s mobile responsiveness to rank and index it because they know where the traffic is coming from.

WordPress for Digital Marketing

You won’t need to worry about utilizing WordPress because most themes are already responsive. Additionally, you can examine how the pages appear on various devices when you customize your website using software like Brizy and Elementor.

6. SEO Friendly CMS

digital marketing agency. SEO-friendliness is something desirable for almost every WordPress site. SEO helps websites increase their visibility in Google and other search engines. Here is how SEO does a favor to websites developed on WordPress:

Neat Code:

WordPress employs easy-to-skim and clean code. It makes crawling and indexing websites flawless for Google. By default, you get the website URL as:

Changeable Permalinks:

Permalinks are a site’s URLs. WordPress lets you edit them from the dashboard. After editing, your permalink would be shown as –

For both search engines and users, the new structure of permalinks makes it easier to grasp what a webpage wants to display. Putting a relevant word in the URL of a page can help it rank better in search engines.

Image optimization:

Photos on a WordPress site spice things up and make it engaging for readers to stick to the website. You can also attract users’ attention by making your website aesthetically pleasing through eye-catching images. You can also do image optimization through WordPress for digital marketing.

Different WordPress plugins and addons for image optimization make WP a go-to CMS. An easily loadable image makes the website seamless to browse and ultimately helps in Google ranking. However, how do you optimise photos in WordPress? You have two ways to do that:

·        Insert your keyword in the alt-text box of the image

·        Compress your image size using any plugin, such as ShortPixel Image Optimizer or

7. Cost Effective 

WordPress is an open-source program. You need no license to operate it, unlike other software that requires monthly or yearly fees. Themes are there for you to build a website for free or at a minimal cost. Also, most free WordPress plugins have more than enough features to boost performance.

Additionally, a dedicated team of developers is available in various WordPress forums to resolve your queries. WordPress may be used by small businesses on a budget to set up a website that can grow over time. In a nutshell, building and maintaining a WordPress site is inexpensive.

Final Words

WordPress is arguably the best CMS to power any website. To build the site, you can choose either free or expensive themes. Furthermore, the majority of free plugins provide more than enough performance-enhancing features.

A committed team of developers is also available to respond to any questions you may have on the various WordPress forums. Small companies may use WordPress on a budget to launch a website and expand over time. Simply put, it is an inexpensive tool to get going in the world of digital marketing.