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People who have loved doing blogging on the WordPress3.0 version,

are always seen excited about the new features added in their most favorite content management system. Over the years of research and implementations of various functionality in this blogging tool, WordPress in this decade exclusively has evolved as a proactive publishing powerhouse among the masses. Today WordPress is looking forward to launch its all new WordPress 3.3 version in the month of November 2012.

All the vital testing qualifications have been performed and later this year, its launch will surely generate enthusiasm among the masses. If you will compare features of WordPress 3.0, you will find that improvements made in its 3.3 version may look less ground breaking. In fact, it is not fully denied that WordPress 3.3 will not create the expected hype and hoopla. Of course it will create same kind of furor, as it was observed during the release of WordPress 3.0 but yes, the improvements made in the going to be launched WordPress version are somehow not major. The clients will see certainly see some changes in 3.3 which are assured to improve their blogging experience too.

Admin Bar is Redesigne

Various features of admin bar has been enhanced as well as deleted for many reasons. In this version 3.3, extra links and other unnecessary elements have been removed to append clean look to the admin. The search box and appearance menu had been removed and the new menu has been placed to right side, which is similar to the settings applied in in the Google’s user bar. By eradicating additional links, the user will be able to operate the admin with a much ease. Additionally, to add more grace to the admin section, the main bar has been given darker and bolder look.

New Word Press Menu Moved to Left Hand Side:

The newly introduced ‘W’ icon has been linked to new menu. By making a single click on this ‘W’ link, you will be navigated to the ”About WordPress” screen, documentation, license info, support forums and documentation links. All these above mentioned links have been moved from the footer part to the main center position.

Smart Help Section:

6 Improvements of WordPress 3.3 1

The “Help” button in the admin section can no more be seen at the corner. To add more visibility as well as readability, now this link is shown in the center of the new admin panel. The developers can tap its navigation to add their own personalized documents as well.

Pop Ups to Guide You About the New Features:

The pop ups in the form of colorful bubbles will appear in front of you every second and will keep on guiding the you aboout the newly added features in the WordPress 3.3 version.

Drag and Drop Up loader:

By just dragging and dropping different types of files on this option, you will be able to upload PDF as well as image files with in the response time of a few seconds. This highly advanced tool installed in the WordPress 3.3 version will allow the users to drag and drop the files directly from the desktop. HTML5, Flash and Silver Light technologies have been integrated in this version which all together makes uploading function, broadly compatible on all types of operating systems and platforms.

You can also add your own personalized features by enterprising web development outsourcing services offered by various IT companies in India. The extra add ons developed by the developers of these companies will be instrumental in making your blog or web site more appealing than ever before.

Installation of Jquery1.7 and Jquery 1.8.16:

6 Improvements of WordPress 3.3 2

An updated jQuery has now been made an integral part of WordPress 3.3. This installation will allow the user to operate WordPress with an ease. It offers cross browser compatibility and many other functions that can enhance the use of WordPress applications.