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Maintaining an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is vital if you want to have customers that are interested in your products. When people visit your profile, they are going to see these pictures so you must do your best to give them a good impression. If your Instagram feed hasn’t got many views, it is time to implement some improvements to get it right.

The following are 7 tips on how to improve your Instagram feed.
The following are 7 tips on how to improve your Instagram feed.

Choose a Grid Layout

On Instagram, you get to select a grid layout to display your photos. The type of design you choose can affect the message that you are trying to deliver to the people who are browsing your pictures. There are many different types of designs to choose from. Some have quotes display beside the images. There are also layouts with a white border in between the pictures.

Choose a Theme

The next step is to select a theme to define the personality for your Instagram feed. The topic you choose will depend on the colour theme of the photo. For example, you can select a white topic for galleries that feature a lot of white colour. Choose a dark topic for pictures with a lot of black colour and shadows. Choose a tropical topic for tropical beach photos.

Decide What Photos to Post

The theme you choose has to do with what kind of photos you want to post. So, before you decide the topic, ask yourself what types of photos you like to post. It has to be something you like, for example, if you like recreational lifestyles, think of 5 related things like RV, camping tents, bicycle, and yachts. Show yourself posing by these items in the photos. Let your personality shine in them, and it will attract people to view the images.

Make the Photo Arrangement Flow

The way you arrange your photos on the feed can affect how they look in the overall layout. The key is to make the images flow. You can use the Preview app to arrange Instagram photos. The app allows you to drag and drop the images to change their position. Usually, people will not put similar images next to one another. Instead, try to space out similar images so that there can be a contrast in the photo gallery in the grid layout. For every photo feed, choose 2 – 3 colours that will be featured throughout the photos. After that, space out these photos in the grid layout theme.

7 Tips on How to Improve Your Instagram Feed 1Use Quality Photos for Your Instagram Feed

Most importantly, always make sure to use quality photos that are clear for the Instagram feed. Photos with distorted pixels look unprofessional and can make your viewers turned off. By denoising the picture, the picture will be transparent with significantly less distorted pixels making it more fit for use in professional purpose.

If your photo is a blur with dotty pixels, to rectify it you can use a photo denoise software:

There are many different denoise filters for varying levels of denoise intensity on the picture.

Take Photo in Well Lit Areas

To take a high-quality photo, always make sure that there is an adequate amount of lighting in the place. Take a sample photo in that place are and you will know whether the site has enough light. If the picture looks dark, you can install additional photography lighting to lit up the area for better photography quality. If you don’t want to buy additional lighting, then you must know how to make use of natural light. In indoor, you should try to take a photo near the window where there is sunlight. If taking a photo in the outdoor, you should take a picture in the morning or at the end of the afternoon.

Post the Photos in the Best Timing

Finally, you should always post the photos in the best timing. It is recommended that you post during lunchtime in between 11 am – 1 pm. This is the time when most people will come to Instagram to view photos as they have some time off for themselves during the office lunch break. Another optimal time frame to post the photos is from 7 pm – 9 pm when people already come back from work and just about to go to bed.