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Design is one of the crucial factors for a profitable eCommerce platform. Hiring a Custom eCommerce development company can prove to be the best choice for it.

The eCommerce sector has shown significant growth even in times of recent pandemics. With millions of eCommerce websites already serving humanity and more than three billion online users worldwide, setting up an eCommerce business is an idea with great potential.

You can find numerous online stores for every product niche, and the numbers are still growing. Though hundreds of eCommerce stores emerge every day, have you ever wondered why most of them fail to achieve success in the real world.

Poor design is one of the reasons for the failure of online shops. If you run an online store that fails to deliver a good user experience, your store can face jeopardy. Moreover you also need a unique design to stand out from the competition.

We will help you find ways in which an eCommerce development company helps to improve your online store design. Before jumping to that, let us look at stats that portray an impressive picture of potential waiting for you in the eCommerce industry.

Some Interesting stats about the eCommerce Industry

  • There are more than 24 million eCommerce stores worldwide.
  • More than 3 Billion people use online stores to shop for their favorite brands.
  • Global eCommerce sales will reach around 7 trillion by 2023.
  • By 2050 around 95% of total retail sales will be through eCommerce.
  • The world population spent over 18 billion hours on shopping websites and apps in 2019.
  • Global eCommerce traffic has recorded growth even during times of Pandemic.

These stats may seem impressive but the coin has another face too. Even though the eCommerce industry has huge potential, more than 70% of online websites and shopping apps fail to get success. 

As we said earlier too. Design is one of the crucial factors for a profitable eCommerce platform. Hiring a Custom eCommerce development company can prove to be the best choice for it.

How can an eCommerce development company help to make your design better?

Latest Industry Standards

To withstand the tough competition, it is crucial to match the latest industry standards. If your online store fails to match what is trending in the industry, it may fail to achieve the goal of your business. 

The reputed eCommerce development companies know the factors necessary to match the competence required for surviving the competition. With frequent projects and an expert talent pool, they can make your store packed with features and functionalities that users like.

Integration and Customisation of APIs

If you visit any popular online store, you will find numerous custom functionalities and appealing features to make interactions with users more friendly. If you need similar functionalities, using APIs will be a great idea.

eCommerce development company

A good eCommerce agency not only helps to add those functionalities using such APIS but also helps you to customize them to match your brand values. They can ensure that features reflecting on your store should match the existing design of your store.

Use of the Latest Technologies

The latest technologies to design your online store can provide a great push for your business. The latest tools can help you add intuitive designs to your online store. It will help you improve your first impression and increase the trust and engagement of your customers.

Latest technologies also help you make your designs more SEO-friendly and harness organic traffic more efficiently. With unlimited scope for customizations, an eCommerce development company can help you make your online shop unique and progressive.

Rigorous Testing and Support

Completing and implementing the design to the store is not enough. You need to perform testing to ensure that the design works as per your expectation. The downtimes due to such issues can impact your business.

Ecommerce experts know this and help you perform rigorous testing to ensure that your eCommerce store can perform as per expectations. All the issues are sorted in the testing phase, and support is provided so that you don’t face downtimes.

Security and Maintenance

In the eCommerce industry, things that are in your favor today can turn against you in the future. The design which may be performing well today might encounter practical challenges in the future.

An eCommerce development company helps you to overcome such challenges by implementing the updates and changes promptly. They also help your design and website to remain secure from any cyber threats and other issues.


You will invest a lot of money and time in your eCommerce business. Ignoring the importance of your store design can turn into big mistakes. An eCommerce website development company can help you overcome any challenge while designing an intuitive online store for your eCommerce business.

Having a store with a unique and flawless design not only makes your user experience better but contributes to the growth of your sales too. You will not get a second chance for your first impression so, make it count!