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When mentioned about user experience in field of design, people usually think about web design or apps development.

Even though in these areas, user experience is quite important, it may also apply to almost any engagement that takes place with media. Hence, it is imperative to consider user experience if you are a graphic designers.

What is meant By User Experience

Graphic Design

User experience refers to the way in which people interact and engage. Coming to web design, user experience implies usability, navigability, the speed at which page loads, hierarchy etc. These principles are crucial even in case of mobile app design. However, user experience also in this setting also refers to the way we make use of gestures and controls.
Following are the areas in which user experience is of utmost importance
• Print design
• Packaging design
• Out of home advertising
• Motion graphics

Print design:

Print design:

For print designer readibility is the biggest impediment. A designer needs to judge if information can be easily read. Readability refers to determining the right font choices, color, and contrast of backgrounds. It also refers to standard typography aspects such as tracking, kerning, and leading.
Apart from these aspects, considering who the final viewers will be and how the user experience will be delivered also plays a huge role. Making print design interactive through the use of QR code is the latest creative idea utilized by marketers. For instance, giving a business card having a QR code which leads users to a video which provides further information about your product/service can work effectively.
An essential part of user experience is to ensure that both your print media campaigns and social media campaigns deliver uniform branding. With different designers working for different channels, this can be challenging but it is worth it. However, if they form a part of the same team, under one roof, then they can work consistently in one direction.
Design of brochures must be decided after giving due consideration to importance of information provided and how a viewer might proceed through it. This implies understanding how to form a visual hierarchy and guide the user through the content.

User Experience in Packaging Design

Packaging Design

When it comes to packaging design, user experience influences the capability of the product to be sold. Packaging design should not only be functional but it must attract the attention of user. Packaging is important as it attracts the attention of the user and urges him or her to pick up the product to buy it. Once they see the package, they gain an impression about what’s inside it.

User Experience in case of Out of Home Advertising

Home Advertising

When it comes to out of home advertising, billboards, and posters first come to mind. Billboards are very effective in creating impression. Imbibing user interaction in billboards needs a lot of thought. Considering the speed at which vehicles move, designer must frame a way to convey a clear message to all passer-bys. The time -window is around 5-15 seconds which must be regarded to transform design into few words to create a powerful image. This drives customers to take action.
The most important benefit of digital out of home advertising is the consideration of user experience delivered during interaction with mobile devices. This form of advertising is becoming a gateway media to social media websites and video. It is important to ensure that you deliver consistent user experience.

User Experience in Motion Graphics Design

Motion Graphics Design

Timing is of crucial importance in case of motions graphics. A good user experience implies enough time for users to interpret what appears before them. The sequences shouldn’t be too long or too short. Those interested in getting information or entertainment, introduction must not be very long.
Another mistake that negatively impacts the user experience is obscuring the video while creating lower thirds or fly-in graphics. If you want to create effective user experience in videos then the trick is to deliver context and create value by making the video dynamic and engaging.

Why User Experience is important

Graphic Design

No matter what the channel, media, mobile app, website, or a piece of print, a bad user experience sabotages the repute and goodwill of a business. Designers deliver front line of the marketing effort for a brand. A quality user experience leaves a good feeling about the brand
When it comes to design, powerful user experience implies ability to grab attention at the first glance. This helps in getting that click on the banner, pick of the brochure and response to the billboard. Later, it becomes a matter of retaining attention and seeing that the expectations of the viewers are met. All this boils down to one conclusion which is that the design must be consistent, clear, concise, and well-crafted.
Designers and marketers must be cognizant about the ways to creating engaging and thoughtful user experiences. This involves how the copy looks, how it works, and the wording of the copy. All these are crucial elements that deliver fantastic user experience.