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Many people can’t have a casual dining experience at a restaurant without consuming alcohol in moderation.

Even though alcohol is an amazing source of revenue for restaurant businesses, its responsibility is huge. Most successful restaurants, pubs and bars in Texas requires a liquor permit to keep their customers satisfied, regardless of who they cater to. Without a Texas liquor permit, you could face significant penalties if you opt to serve alcohol in your restaurant.


About license

If you refuse to obtain a liquor permit for your restaurant, you could be asked to pay a fine or you get to serve some terms in jail. If this happens, you might not be fortunate enough to get in the future. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) has the right to deny your license application. However, if you can get a liquor license for your restaurant, the business will certainly grow and there is an increase in your revenue and profitability. Such restaurant will also be able to attract new customers and get the current customers to spend even more. If you can find the appropriate serving glass too, you will generate more income. Although the guidelines for getting a liquor license in Texas vary, the state has some general laws that every restaurant or bar must abide by in order to obtain the permit.

Restaurant business

The restaurant business is not really simple; it needs a feasible income to stay active. If a restaurant does not sell alcohol, it may not generate enough income to remain viable. Therefore, it might be difficult for the owner to maintain the restaurant. Customers can not come to a restaurant and eat only food, they can’t even order so much food and eat that without having a drink to step it down. This is why it is very important for a restaurant to diversify their income beyond food and start earning more with selling alcohol. This will even ensure the long-term viability for the restaurant. Selling and serving alcohol in your restaurant will give you an ability to get more customers who will invest more on their meals.


With a wide variety of alcohol – wine, beer and cocktails, you will get to attract new customers to your restaurant. These types of alcohol are the major revenue streams in a restaurant and your prospective customers who can afford to dine out in your restaurant will be attracted. Many workers prefer relaxing in a social gathering event after work, such people do really not need food, they spend disposable income on drinks. They are always willing to try out new places and if you can serve a variety of drinks, they will surely become repeat customers.


Actually, getting your license can be complicated and daunting. If you can hire a liquor law attorney, the process will be simplified. A liquor law attorney would be able to assist you with applications for Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) permit and licenses. This means you won’t need to start jumping through several hurdles to obtain a permit. If you think you can sell liquor without getting a permit, you might find yourself in trouble or have your restaurant closed down.