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If you own a popular video platform, chances are that your videos are getting pirated. In recent years we’ve seen a rise in the number of online video platforms. With it, the piracy associated with it has increased as well. Video platforms end up losing a chunk of their revenue, as new potential customers end up getting your content for free anyway!

This is why several video platforms have opted for DRM protection. Video DRM helps video platforms from any sort of video download. Also, you can put certain restrictions on your users which helps you further protect your content from any illegal access. 

DRM Solutions

You might be wondering, what is a DRM Solution exactly?

What is DRM?

DRM or Digital Rights Management solution protects your video content by making it accessible to only the ones you have authorized. By using Video DRM you can secure your videos from any sort of download. 

With DRM your videos are encrypted and the encryption key is hidden with the help of video DRM. With just video encryption even though your videos are difficult to decrypt on their own but the encryption is easily accessible. Pirates often use tools/plugins available online to get access to the encryption key and ultimately get access to videos. No matter how strong the encryption is, a pirate would regardless get access to videos since the key is easily accessible. 

DRM gets rid of this weakness in the video encryption. DRM works on top of video encryption and makes it impossible to find the encryption key. In this case, the key exchange mechanism is so strong that a pirate can’t get access to the key. Here the video encryption key is black-boxed behind a Content Decryption Module(CDM). A CDM cannot be accessed by you even if you own a certain device. The only way you can access it is via Encrypted Media Extensions.

In order to safeguard your videos, you’ll have to use a multi DRM setup. As each DRM supports a different set of devices and browsers. 

  • Google Widevine DRM: It supports Desktop/Laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux) Chrome, Firefox, Edge. Android Chrome, Edge, Android TV, Android TV, Chromecast.
  • Apple Fairplay DRM: It supports Mac Safari, IOS Safari, IOS App
  • Microsoft Playready DRM: It supports Edge in Windows. Windows Edge is also supported by Google Widevine, so Playready is not an absolute necessity.

How To Choose The Right DRM Service Provider?

There are several DRM providers online which can help you to protect your content. It can be quite challenging to find the right provider for your needs. 

While making the right choice, you need to keep some key factors in mind:

These can be:

  • Secure Video Hosting
  • Encrypted DRM Streaming
  • Customizable Video Player
  • Video Encoding to support all content formats
  • Providing full multi-DRM support

How Vdocipher Helps Video Platforms To Protect Their content?

Vdocipher is a secure video hosting service, which has been helping 2000+ customers in over 40+ countries. With Vdocipher you get end to end video solution. Right from video upload and encoding to embed it on your website. 

All you have to do is upload your videos on their platform and you’re good to go. The videos are encoded to all the right formats and video qualities according to your requirements 

Vdocipher provides the highest security for its clients from any sort of video piracy by providing Hollywood-grade DRM encryption and dynamic watermarking.

Some key features you get with VdoCipher are DRM-based Video Protection, customizable HTML5 Video Player, Video Analytics, Android and iOS SDKs, Support, CDN, and Amazon Web server. Also, Video APIs manage your videos. 

Vdocipher is your safest bet when it comes to secure video streaming. Go to our website to learn more.