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Website design is all about putting together color, font and layout in order to pass on a message effectively to an online audience.

It is quite similar to print design only that you need to create a webpage that users can navigate through and enjoy the features. Understanding good website design is essential to meeting client needs and delivering a great website that is attractive to the targeted demographic.
When designing a website, the main focus should be solving a problem; the website will have a great impact if it can solve the problem and give the answers that people on the internet are looking for. You need to find a niche for that website and create a high quality webpage.
Some of the most popular websites keep it very simple and go directly to problem solving. Google website for instance is simply a logo and a search box, answering the main problem that internet users have, which is to find information. All the other elements of the website design Geelong should be backing up the need to fulfill the visitor’s needs.


Programming language

three types of programming language in particular that you need to very conversant with. They are:
• HTML: knowing HTML is the first step to creating a website. HTML enables you to create the basic structure for the websites and all WebPages are made using HTML. However, this only gives you the structure, there is still more that needs to be done to make the website modern.
• CSS: This is what creates the visual aspects in your website. You can use CSS to create visual effects and simple animation.
• JavaScript: This is the programming language that enables your website to run on a browser.

JavaScript in web design

It is the simplest and most versatile language to use when creating functionality in a website. You can use JavaScript to create screen visual effects, process and calculate data on the website and extend the functionality of the website to thirds party scripts among other users. The great thing about using JavaScript is that it does not strain the web server since the code is executed on the client’s browser. JavaScript is one of the easiest to learn programming languages because the syntaxes are close to English. You can find many prewritten functionality for different objects on a web page making it easy to use scripts for custom design.
One of the biggest needs for internet users is speed. People will click away from a slow website almost immediately. Speed is one of JavaScript’s strong suit since it is executed on the user’s computer giving instant processing and results. The long chain of events of processing on the web server and sending back to the user is time consuming and also uses a lot of server bandwidth. You can also create extra features for the website functionality using add-ons in order to make your website more user-friendly.

Website layout

Website layout is often confused as the website design. However, this is only a part of the design and there is much more to it. Layout is all about positioning the various elements of the website. Creating a good website layout is essential to a good website design. Website layout greatly determines how easy it is for the internet users to navigate their way around the webpage and since you are addressing the needs of the user, you need to find the correct element placement for the best impact.
Make it easier for people to find the information they are looking for without having to search through the entire page. In fact, most internet users simply do a sweep through the entire page and sometimes scroll down the page to find what they are looking for. If the layout is not obvious, you are likely to lose traffic.

Fonts and Typography

If the website is going to have large amounts of text, you need to find the right fonts to use. You need to look the fonts at both the micro and macro level. Typography refers to the difference in size, style and placement of the different fonts on your website. Typically, headlines are often bold bright and big while the rest of the text is smaller. If you want to grab attention with specific lines in your text, you need to highlight them using color and bolding. You also need to consider the positioning of text blocks and even adjusting the shape of the text.

Color, Graphics and Images

Color is a very important element of website design. Color describes how we see our world and you need to choose color combinations that will appeal to the visual interests of internet users. Color depends on the subject matter of the website, the kind of content portrayed and the brand of the business. Sometimes you need to go bright and colorful while other times you need to go minimalist with white backgrounds and simple color schemes for the website.
Graphics and images are also part of the visual attraction of your website. They are the most fun part of the website and can also be used to pass on the message of the sight. In fact, if you use the right graphics and images, you can minimize the text content to a few descriptive sentences. One of the most popular graphic and image combination used in web design is the content slider.

Content slider

Content sliders are also called carousels. They are used to customize the look and message of the website. Content sliders are made up of a series of images and videos that slide across the website in rotation. Even when your website does not have many pages, you can use the carousel to share creative and quantity content within a very small space. Carousels possess the ability to tell a story with a series of related images. If you integrate the carousel well into the design of the website, you may have you audience stopping to slide through the various images.
There are plenty of options for sliders available on the internet today; they are quite easy to add on most websites. You need to pick the best time to use a content slider for your website for a great visual punch.