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You all must have heard about “LinkedIn” at someplace or the other, whether it be someone telling about how he got his job or someone searching for a job talks about that platform. But the real question is what is “LinkedIn” and how to do LinkedIn Lead Generation?

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Well, let me get things straight. LinkedIn is a social networking site that works professionally in terms of jobs and socially as well through the means of connections. It is a social networking site that works to help people make communications, sharing resumes, and of course, most importantly searching for jobs. 

Looks the same as most of the social networking sites(Instagram, Facebook) but the functioning is not like the others. Linked comes with some premium tiers which offer seminars, online classes, and the feature of insights for which you can check who viewed your profile. 

But how do you contact someone formally, as it can be done through only email. Well, let’s talk about how you can get someone’s email address from their profile. There are many ways to do that but I will list the most important and successful methods down below,

Finding an Email address manually

Not every Email extractor will give you the correct email address. So, here is one way how you can guess their email addresses based on the hit and trial method, first we have to find out the domain of the company. Most companies follow the below methods to come up with a domain, 

  •, for example-
  •, for example-
  •, for example-

Chances are your target email follows the above patterns, if not you can check the email by these email checking tools,

Email Finder Tool

Some email finder tools let you enter a company domain and then they return the most common and relevant email address associated with that email. 

Extract an email address from a LinkedIn profile

Free Chrome Extension

Install the chrome extension named ContactOut, after installing go to that Linkedin profile whose email address you wish to extract. After that click on ContactOut chrome extension which is at the top right corner of the page. 

ContactOut offers 50 free credits and is working most of the time

Paid Chrome Extension 

The Gem chrome extension is another extension that can help to extract the email address associated with any LinkedIn Profile. It’s almost accurate because it pulls from multiple email address databases. The process requires, 

  • Signing up on the website of the gem.
  • Installing the Chrome Extension.
  • Go to the Target LinkedIn user’s profile
  • Click the arrow pointing downwards, next to the “Send Email” button, and then select “Save to PDF”. 
  • The extension will automatically display the email address and social media information of the target Linkedin user.

Exporting Email Addresses in Bulk Form for LinkedIn Lead Generation

If you are in search of extracting email addresses in bulk for Linkedin prospecting and lead generation, it can take a while to do that one by one. Here’s how you can extract all the email addresses you want from the targeted Linkedin accounts. 

Use Linkedin search to get a list of people of the same job title, same company, same industry, and many more. After you have a list of all the profiles then you can use the Chrome Extension “Skrapp” to determine which of those profiles can it automatically guess the email address for. 

After you have the list of all the email addresses you can then download it as a CSV to manipulate in your Microsoft Excel. 

What to do if Email addresses don’t work?

Not every email you will find will work. In such a scenario you can try out these options,

  • Every email finder and chrome extension have their own set of email databases, if one does not work out, you can try another. 
  • Try to find the person on social media. Everyone has a social media account these days, if not on social media then try to look it up in their blog. They might have listed their email address there. 
  • If you still are unable to get hold of their email address, you can send them a connection request on LinkedIn and after they accept your invitation you will be able to see their email address. 

Validity is necessity 

After extracting the emails it is always important to know the validity of the email address. Validity in email addresses is also important because,

  • Protects you from being blocked and being reported.
  • When doing a campaign always make sure that the email address to which you are sending your requests, offers, or promotions is valid because if the email address is not valid you won’t be able to ensure valid metrics for your campaign.
  • If you are unaware of that email address then you could be wasting much of your resources delivering to the wrong contact. 

By automating much of your email extraction you have automated the vast majority of your whole process. Lead generation is always important to a company that is ready to set up their business online as well as offline and also helps in developing a customer base that includes all types of customer- potential, existing, and return. With the email extraction process automated you can now shift your time, focus, and resources to the outsource energy which will automatically lead to more visitors turning into traffic. 


After learning about automated email extractor and many chrome extensions it all just comes to your choices because of implementing automated techniques. Rest depends upon your decision whether you want them to run automated. After learning about automated email extractor and many chrome extensions it all just comes to your choices because of implementing automated techniques. Rest depends upon your decision whether you want them to run automated. Linkedin email extraction is neither easy nor too complicated, you just need some automates and some databases to get them scanned through.

Best of Luck on your LinkedIn Lead Generation Journey.