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In 2014, the e-commerce marketing had achieved the 20% growth all around the world.

To boost this growth in 2015, various marketing players are devising effective strategies that can propel the e-commerce marketing and take their business to a new level. It has been evaluated that 2015 will be known as a great year for online retailing. This year, lots of new strategies are going to be launched.


Let’s Have a Glance Over 2015’s Major E-Commerce Marketing Strategies:

1. Providing Discount Promo Code On App Downloading

Most of the online retailers, like Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc are offering the discount to the customer only if they download their mobile apps. In this way, more and more customers will install the mobile app. Secondly, it will not only boost their sales, but also expand their customers’s base.

2. Focusing On Omni Channel Marketing

Omni Channel marketing is a new form of multichannel marketing that helps business to track customers from all the channels, comprising mobile devices, computers, brick & mortar, radio and television. Here, basically the centralized database system is deployed that can be accessed by all the channels in order to provide consistent information about products to the consumers.

3. Deploying Affiliate Commission On Mobile Apps

Mobile applications has become a great place for affiliate marketer to earn more commission. As the volume of mobile internet traffic is increasing day by day, the application based affiliation has become the best solution to direct the users to the website. For example, there is a Fitness Application that basically showcases the health supplements, when users checkout the supplements for buying, then they will be directed to the health website. Therefore, the owner of health website will pay to the application developers because with the help of their applications, the users come to his website.

4. Implementing Remarketing Approach for Re-Branding and Sales

In 2015, remarketing on the mobile application is the best approach to bring back the users to the mobile application for completing the payment process in order to improve sales. In this approach, the ads are targeted to the specified audience, who have not completed the payment or who left the application without filling login detail (or completing next level at game). By using ads, the users are convinced to complete that left tasks.

5. Engaging With Physical Stores For In-Store Promotion Of Online Store

The in-store promotion is known as the marketing strategy that is generally adopted by physical stores to entice customers for buying the products. Today, many online stores are partnered with physical stores, so that they can use in-store promotion in order to direct the customers to the online stores for reaping off the benefits on certain items.

6. Embedding Cart support With Twitter Hashtag

Now, e-commerce marketers are striving to make the online user’s experience smooth. Therefore, they come up with a feature that enables the user to add product to shopping cart directly from Twitter. Suppose you have a friend, who recommend about the product “xyz” on Twitter. Then, you can directly add that product from Twitter account to your shopping cart. In this way, it will save your searching time and boost the experience.

7. Marketing With Social Commerce

According to the study, it has been evaluated that sale through social commerce will increase by 92% every year in the US. In fact, in 2015, the value of this will reach to around $14 billion. The Social Commerce is the way, where marketers use social media in order to sell the product, take feedback for improving the service & quality of products, manage reputation of the business, have review, etc.

8. Providing Click & Pick Facility

Facilitating products’ delivery on same day or next day will become the key trend of 2015 in online marketing sector. Here the online store helps you browse your items and get them delivered to your home from the selected pick up center. This will make your shopping experience faster and hassle-free.


In 2015, the online marketers’ main consideration is deploying various new techniques that can render amazing user experience and at same time provide benefits on the purchasing the products.