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Many applications/websites have bugs in light of its incorrect functionality, ease of use, behavior, security and execution. For that companies utilize best Software testing tools for altering the bugs.

There are different automation tools accessible which gives an advantageous approach to identify the errors, examining and fixing errors. The greater part of the bugs come because of functional issues of the web application.

You Must know the software testing tools which are the necessary in the software testing:

Since it has been brought into light and people have gradually picked up learning of the software testing methodology, it has ended up one of the imperative parts of the entire software development life which endeavors to give better and greater programming to the clients prompting to better consumer satisfaction and keeping all the conceivable glitches that could have created client disappointment. This thus has guaranteed that the mega brains of software technologies give careful consideration to the software testing methods which has cleared approach to test automation tools set up of manual procedures by which software testing was at first done.

As software testing is moving towards automation, the greater part of the software testers and additionally QAs are changing themselves from Manual testing to Automated testing. Today, Automated software testing is considered as a standout amongst the most drifting term in the field of software testing, as it is considered as one of the proficient and in addition viable software procedure, making the general software development/testing life cycle better and taking it to some extraordinary level.

Some of the must know Automated software testing tools for any tester or QA are(Used by most mobile app and web development services provider companies):



Selenium is a free (open source) automated testing suite for web applications crosswise over various program and stages. It is very like HP Quick Test professional (QTP) Only that selenium concentrates on automating web based applications.

Selenium is not simply single tool bit a suite of software programming, every taking into account to various testing needs of an association.

It has four components:
► Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
► selenium Remote Control (RC)
► Selenium Webdriver
► Selenium Grid

Selenium gives a record/playback tool for creating tests without taking in a test scripting language (Selenium IDE). It additionally gives a test domain-specific language (Selenese) to compose tests in various prominent programming languages, including Java, C# .as it is open source software organizations are having hard time to discover testing assets prepared in selenium, Bound to bring you a fat check in the event that you have this one.

Key features include: browser compatibility testing, system functionality testing, open source tool – no licensing cost associated and customizable


TestingWhiz is a Codeless Test Automation Tool, which can perform End-to-end testing like Functional, Regression, Database, Big Data, Web UI, Cross Browser testing and Distributed Execution for Web, Mobile and Cloud Apps.

Amid my use, I discovered Selenium great, yet TestingWhiz was wonderful and more easy to understand, as it is codeless and command driven. So I chose to purchase its Enterprise version.

TestingWhiz has helped me to enhance my test automation capacities in numerous different zones as well. It gives numerous vital Solutions identified with Web Test Automation, Mobile Apps Testing, Database Testing, and so forth.


The software testing tool I likewise recommend to utilize the most is Ranorex in light of the fact that it supports desktop, mobile and web automation. With the incorporated test automation tools (Ranorex Studio, Ranorex Recorder, Ranorex Object Repository and Ranorex Click and Go Test Reports), testing has never been simpler. UFT or TestComplete or costly and software tester improve BDD control in Cucumber with Ranorex. This tool gives functionalities like functional testing, GUI testing, cross browser testing, regression testing, etc.


Bugzilla has been a well known defect tracking tool used by various software testing companies for quite a while now. It is to a great degree simple to use, with web based interface. It has each one of the segments of substance, confirmation and convenience and is absolutely openly discharged and is free of cost.

HP Quality Center(QC)

A complete solution going for aggregate Test management. It has ties with HP QTP which is a test automation tool. With the expansion of BPT (Business Process Testing), QC alongside QTP has been the decision for test automation in a large portion of the IT organizations.” It has the significant elements incorporated the “Dashboard, Uploading test cases, and test execution. It gives the whole test management suite, appropriate from the underlying period of testing till the delivery.”

Among these tools, I would recommend you to go for Testingwhiz or Selenium. These tools are considered as multi-functionality tools, as they give solution for web test automation, mobile test automation, database test automation, and so on. Advance among these, TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation tool which is easy to learn and implement. You can download its 30 Days Free Trial version and experience the real automated software testing.

Software Testing Tools are utilized to test the software quick which is finished by Software Tester or Automation Software Tester. Their is excessively numerous sorts of Automation Tools which is utilized by Software Testing Companies. However, here are a portion of the best and most utilized Software Testing tools by expert software testers. Trust this post is useful to you. Cheerful testing!