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Do you think that for conducting a web development project all you need to do is hire the best Reactjs developers in India? Absolutely, not! It takes a hell lot of time, tireless nights, effort, dedication, precision and choosing the right tech stack to come up with a successful online presence. Yes, choosing the right web development platform is pretty crucial and complicated especially when we have a plethora of choices available around. 

One of the prominent names that have been considered by several brands such as Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, BBC, Airbnb, DropBox, Flipboard, Postmates, IMDB, Paypal, Reddit, Cloudflare, Tesla, Imgur, Walmart is React js. The Javascript library is no longer the new boy in town, in fact, everyone seems to be pretty amazed by its versatility, flexibility and robustness. The following posts focus on why one must consider hiring ReactJS developers in India and some fruitful advice/suggestions/recommendations for those who are willing to jump on the Reactjs bandwagon.  

Reactjs – An Intimidating Front-end Framework

You see as a developer I am sure you must have felt what it takes to come up with outstanding UI components. In addition, the aftermath of dealing with unavoidable bugs is pretty insane and tricky, right? Well, conducting front-end development is not as easy as ABC. However, here your choice of the tech stack can work wonders. Apart from being one of the leading front-end frameworks, this one has a community of more than 56000 developers, yes imagine with so many veterans at your service, nothing can stop you from developing an absolute looking website.  

Developed by Facebook, React is considered one of the leading javascript frameworks mainly used to build web applications like never before. And why not, react js is fast, it is scalable, it is easy to use, composable, SEO friendly, and declarative, so you tell me why it shouldn’t be considered at the top of the heap? It has been observed that more and more startups and fortune 500 companies are found choosing Reactjs in one go. 

Still not convinced why you need to choose React.js for your upcoming web development project, well, let’s delve into the details 

#1 Easy to use

Keeping up with Technology is not an easy task. So what happens is developers try choosing easy to learn and easy to use tech stack so that they can get started with the development process seamlessly. On the contrary, we as humans always tend to take the easy route which is not wrong as long as if you want to survive in today’s fast-paced era, you must make smart decisions. 

React js being a simple framework tends to lure the interest of several developers as well as businesses as it is easy to learn and use. Not just startups but even several big brands are found using it. Did you know that the quality of the user interface must be par excellence and if it’s not no matter how hard you strive in regards to development, testing, deployment, and maintenance, it’s not going to last for long? 

Yes, focusing on the application’s UI or creating rich user interfaces means grabbing the attention of your end-users in no time. And yes, there is no denying the fact that Reactjs has the potential to deliver a rich user interface leading your project to the next level.  

Apart from this, React js comprises numerous pre-built patterns and functions which can result in the creation of fast, astounding and robust web application development projects. You see if you want to work on Angular you must learn everything relevant since this is a domain-specific language whereas for React js, having a basic understanding of HTML and CSS is enough. 

#2 The Virtual DOM

This feature is extremely cool. Why so, you may ask? Well, normally when a developer works on an app what happens is he tends to use a plethora of user interaction and data updates – after he has to keep in mind how the app will structure and will it increase or decrease the overall performance of the app? No matter how quick the client-side performs or with the help of the javascript engine’s assistance, sooner or later you will have to face a bottleneck. Yes, I am talking about none other than DOM manipulation. What is DOM? Have you ever thrown a stone in a calm river? What happens? You must have observed the ripple effect? Similarly, one simple change in DOM can cause huge ripples to the entire user interface. 

How does Reactjs come to the rescue here? Well, Reactjs features virtual DOM. Yes, this one is an entire replica of the original DOM but what’s the most compelling part here is that any changes made here mean automatically changes will be made in the real DOM without compromising the entire user interface. In other words, real DOM can be updated in minimum time. 

#3 Strong community

No matter which tech stack you choose just to ensure that it offers strong and active community support. After all, every development project is different, and chances are pretty high for junior developers to seek assistance from the veterans. React library has 1100 or more contributors on GitHub. Apart from this, StackOverflow, Slack, Freenode IRC and several other forums must be taken into account, especially when conducting a React js development project. 

However, this is not it, there are several other benefits offered by React js such as reusability of code components, SEO friendly, quick rendering, developer toolkit, no wonder why companies such as BBC, Netflix, Dropbox, Coursera, IMDb, PayPal, Dailymotion, Chrysler, American Express, Intuit, Khan Academy, Lyft, Atlassian, New York Times, Reddit tend to choose React js again and again. 

Are you getting started with your first Web Development Project? Here are Certain React Development Tips Every Beginner Must Take into Account

As mentioned earlier, learning React is not a hard nut to crack. Further below I would like to mention certain tips and tricks that must be taken into consideration if you have just begun with React js development. Also, these neat life hacks can help you grow and be a better version of yourself as a programmer. Are you ready to up your game in the React js development space? 

Tip #1 Have a Code Standard

The first and foremost tip that must be taken into consideration is to use a code standard. Now why, you may ask? Well, you see, conducting a development project is no one man’s work – it takes an entire team, a team of the best React.js developers in India and by using a code standard your teammates can surely assist you well in debugging the code. As a result, lots and lots of time and energy are saved. In addition, good codes certainly lead to great linter and everyone is satisfied with what they have done. An additional piece of advice – try using a specific linter for a code standard for a productive and effective development project.  

Most of the experienced Reactjs developers tend to use standard.js as it doesn’t use semicolons. As a beginner, developers often tend to miss this aspect. 

Tip #2 Javascript and ES6

Another important aspect to take into consideration is if you want to jump into a framework right off the bat, keep focusing on Javascript and ES6. Yes, You need to know javascript before you even begin with your first React js development project. Right from variables to functions including ES6, data types, objects and arrays, importing/exporting modules, working with API, and most important of all getting along with virtual DOM. 

Having a basic idea of all the aforementioned things is more than enough to get started with your first Reactjs development project. 

Tip #3 Error Boundaries

No application can be created without errors in the first go. And there is no harm as long as the developers can fix these errors and bugs. What’s not so welcoming is when these errors appear in front of the end-users and ruin the whole app experience for them. Error boundaries can be considered while using React js. You see these components can be used to wrap other components. As you start developing the project, these components automatically catch errors during the rendering. 

Tip #4 Functional components

Now if your app comprises several components whose purpose is just to display data, then prefer functional components. Class components could be an issue as they are difficult to store, update complex states and more. 

class Watch extends React.Component {
  render () {
    return <div>{this.props.hours}:{this.props.minutes}</div>

// Equivalent functional component
const Watch = (props) =>

For a nicer way of creating react components, Function components and hooks turn out to be a perfect choice. 

Tip #5 Do not try to learn everything at once! 

Last but certainly not least, one of the common mistakes made by beginners is that they try to learn everything available. Instead of becoming a jack of all, try to be a master of one! I mean if you are learning Reactjs then just focus on it and not Angular or vue. You can surely shift your focus afterwards. 

Final Thoughts

It’s not just about Reactjs, learning or exploring any web development framework could be a tricky venture but as long as you keep your focus intact and willingness to learn more nothing can stop you from succeeding as a Reactjs developer in India. Ultimately, have fun with what you do, what you create and enjoy your journey. Wish you Loads and Loads of Good Luck!