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There are many jobs that a manager at a company has to oversee and take care of throughout the course of a day. So much so, that you might find it difficult to do some of the tasks related to the core activity of your company because you are busy dealing with other jobs.

Regardless of what other items are on your daily to-do list, one of your top priorities should always remain that of keeping your employees motivated. This can be a tricky thing at times as you seek to discover what exactly will motivate your team to perform better. However, it is an important part of the job of any manager.

If you are a manager who is currently in the process of looking for the best ways to motivate your employees, there are several options that you can consider. Here are a few such options that are tried and true methods of motivating employees to give their very best day in and day out.

Talk to Them Directly

While there are plenty of things you can try in order to motivate your team, sometimes the quickest route to take is that of speaking to them directly in order to find out what they need from you in order to feel motivated. 

Perhaps there is something amiss with the work environment that is prevalent at your company, or maybe there are some other underlying issues at play that you aren’t aware of. The only way to get to the bottom of such matters is to ask your employees about them directly.

If you are struggling to get the feedback you need from your team, it might be because the issues with productivity and lack of motivation that you have noticed are difficult to discuss. This can be the case when such issues are related to any conflict in the office and the like. In these instances, it can be helpful to make use of anonymous employee surveys and similar tools.

Become More Flexible

In this day and age, most professionals have come to the conclusion that there are more benefits to be had from working in a flexible scenario than a traditional one. Because so many people have been given a taste of what it is like to work from home over the last year or two, most are reluctant to return to the regular nine-to-five scenario.

If you think that the issues with motivation at your company could be related to the work environment, it is a good idea to consider offering flexible options in regard to scheduling. If it is necessary for your team to be in the office for certain tasks, try to work out a schedule that allows those who want to work from home as least part time.
You will be surprised at how much more motivated your team can be when they don’t have to deal with a long commute every morning and evening.