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Since past few years PHP has remained one of the most popular server side programming language is still dominating web development market for programmers.

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You can have a look on some statistics of PHP market below which I found it on W3Tech website.

Check out below the usage of PHP amongst best known server side programming languages.

Top 15 PHP Frameworks To Build Next Generation Web Apps 1

Below you will have an idea that which version is most popular to use.


Take a look on different web giants using PHP.


Almost all programmers must definitely have gone through PHP while their road trip towards web development. Although you must be hearing some programmers saying their code didn’t worked, but still it is most usable and helpful language for developing apps.
Each and every web developer are aware about framework that it provides rapid application development more efficiently and safely. So for such reason selecting the best framework to develop any application is very important for success and robustness of app or website. PHP frameworks are really a great helpers for developers while building and maintaining a PHP website.
Normally framework includes
Toolbox – It is a group of inbuilt and quickly integrable components which means developing applications with minimum errors, minimum code, with greater productivity.
Methodology – Assembly like structure for developing apps effectively and efficiently. It also allows maintenance, upgrading and stability of apps.
While searching across web, I have come up with some best 15 PHP frameworksto develop web apps. Although, the numbers are small but I am sure the below list will surely help PHP developers to build fantastic web apps.

1) Laravel

One of the best PHP framework which is developed for designing MVC web apps. Laravel is open source and free PHP framework that has taken PHP development to next level. You can create expressive and simple app using syntax available to ease the work of web development.
This framework is well documented and in readable format which works best on SQL server, SQLite, Postgres and MySQL.
Just few days ago Laravel 5 was released with great new features which was huge celebration for PHP developers.


2) Cake PHP

It is also one of the best frameworks which developers should follow in 2015.It allows you to build prototypes rapidly by using scaffolding and code generation feature. You don’t have to build separate YAML or XML file, just have build your database and you are on to bake.
In this framework you get database access, built in translations, validation, caching, authentication and lot more. You also get tools such as Form tampering, SQL injection, CSRF protection, and input validation to develop your app securely and safely.


3) CodeIgniter

This is an open PHP framework with proven agile and small footprint. This framework is a power pack for developing next generation web apps. Coding rules with zero configurations and no restrictions provides easy solutions for app development.


4) Fuel PHP

In additional to all other features you get a view model which is also called as presentation model adds a very powerful layer between model and controller.


5) Yii Framework

Yii Framework comes with great features like MVC, authentication, access control, caching, testing, object orientation, form validation, access to database and lot more. This framework with rich characteristic is perfect and ideal for creating websites like social networking which saves lot of time.


6) Phalcon

As you visit Phalcon you will notice on its wall stating it’s the fastest of all other frameworks currently available.This framework is built on C programming language but you don’t have to learn C programming because you get ready class for PHP development. This framework boost overall performance by saving lot of time for app development.


7) Zend Framework

Yet another awesome framework for developers that provides secure and high performance environment for coders to develop web apps. Since many year this framework is used in big websites to develop modern web apps. It is customizable, lightweight and simple framework that concentrates on needed functions for developers.


8) Aura

Those who like clean coding then Aura PHP is the best place for you to land upon with independent packages and coupled libraries. Aura PHP have huge database of users same as CakePHP. Then main aim of Aura is to offer PHP developers with best standard libraries which can be implemented with any code.


9) PHPixie

Although PHPixie enables simple implementation of code but still it uses difficult architecture like HMCV. You can get great presentation of source code by using this frameworks such as naming your folders.


10) Symfony 2

Although this framework is flexible, scalable and powerful but still it is preferred by most of the beginners in PHP development. In fact at first look on MVC, Templating, Repositories, Entities and Routing it appears to be very confusing and terrifying. But if you have sound knowledge or even basic knowledge of HTML and PHP, and you have idea on CRUD of database then this framework is mine for you to develop good business app.


11) Flight

This is a large-scale micro framework for developers of PHP. It is extensible, simple and fast which allows to build quickly web apps. It works with PHP 5.3+ version.


12) Nette

This framework utilizes innovative technology which removes security issues like CSRF, hijacking, fixation, sessions, XSS and their fraud. It contains extensible debugging tool which aid you to find all loopholes timely. Nette is 21st century framework having SEO, MVC, Ajax, Web 2.0, dependency injection, and first class urls.


13) Slim Framework

If you love small and solid framework then Slim is for you.
It contains a strong template, router with selective views, secure cookies, flash messages, logging, HTTP caching, error handling, encryption and debugging tools.


14) Yaf

YAF(Yet Another Framework) is framework which is well structured and written completely in C. This allows YAF to be fast then other frameworks but sometimes developers may not find it too practical for development.This website is supported by PHP official community and also has unique page of documentations for beginners in PHP development.


15) Agavi

This framework is scalable and powerful PHP5 framework which works in MVC model. It allows programmers to write extensible, clean and maintainable code. Developers get freedom and choice over conventions and concentrates on developing quality applications.


There are many powerful frameworks of PHP available for developers and it’s perhaps very difficult to choose any one of them. I have collected some of the best frameworks currently available in market to help you select best for your app development.
Each frameworks have its own pros and cons. Thus if you have any other frameworks besides all of the above please let us know by commenting below.