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Today, over 2 billion websites are there on the internet. Each of them has its personalized strategy and context, be it a digital marketing organization or any other. However, when it comes to asking about the latest web development trends followed by the websites, you will get only a few answers. 

Web Development Trends to Expect in 2021

It is essential to keep a track of the technology landscape, including web development since it is rapidly evolving. Every year, new web development trends are burgeoning. Thus, professional web developers and Web Development Agencies are keeping an eye on these trends to make sure that they are employing advanced elements and are not following the old paths. 

Over one-third of the website visitors today like to visit a site that has appealing content and layouts. Keep a tab on the increasing conversions when you enforce these web development trends in 2021 since outdated websites can see a reduction in conversion rates. This implies that businesses and developers must be aware of the recent web development trends.  

Whether it is developing a website from scratch or revamping an old website, the web development trends are significant to look at. Web development agencies in India are fast in adopting these trends. 

The following tremendous web development trends are useful for 2021:

1. Single Page Application (SPA)

A single-page application is an application that does not require reloading of the page when you use it or work within a web browser. It includes daily usage apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, or even GitHub. 

Single Page Application (SPA)
eCommerce dashboard web app

An appropriately configured SPA provides the best user experience (UX) since the users can enjoy the natural environment of the app without waiting for the page to reload or any other things. Through the JavaScript programming language, there are more chances for SPA adoption to continue in the coming years.

2. Automation Testing

The evolution of the testing field includes the journey from being a manual tester to an automation programmer. Earlier, testers used to get tired as manual testing includes doing the same processes again and again. However, automation testing has helped incredibly by easing some of their work.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing incorporates the usage of scripts, tools, and software to perform test cases by following the pre-existing procedure. It mainly emphasizes the replacement of manual human activity with advanced systems or equipment. Since automated testing is carried out through an automation tool, there is less time consumption in exploratory tests and more time in retaining test scripts while raising complete test coverage.

3. Voice UI

Voice User Interface (UI) belongs to the category of the fastest prospering web development trends that result in the disappearance of mouses and keyboards. The reason for its emerging growth is the increase in the use of speakers and voice recognition technology, including Amazon Alexa or other similar features by Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other techies.

Voice UI
Natural AI food query

Voice UI helps users to navigate complicated digital products when there is no considerable assistance from other features, for instance, the screen. The voice recognition-powered equipment has changed the method people search on Google or any other search engine. 

Today, users have started seeking information with actionable words instead of simply typing 2-3 keywords. People usually ask for answers to their questions on search engines or place orders, especially, on e-commerce websites. 

4. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

In the current period, many leading businesses are using Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) because it is a modern website development technology. With PWAs, enjoy the benefit of integration of advanced technologies with websites and mobile applications. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

It also works perfectly even in offline mode while facilitating instant loading, responsiveness, and gives you an experience as if you are using an app. Top companies such as Uber and Twitter are counting on PWAs to deliver an incredible user experience. It comprises web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript since these types of websites are prominent to offer an amazing offline experience, for instance, Google Maps. 

5. One-page Websites

When talking about one-page website designs, these are a perfect solution for entrepreneurs, freelancers, portfolios, websites, startups, and certain merchandise sites since they can deliver vivid and straightforward web experiences to their clients. 

One-page Websites

These websites do not take much space and can fetch more business by making things easy for end-users to discover things without clicking on numerous pages. 

Besides, by keeping the crucial things on the top, it is easy to catch the attention of the visitors. As such sites have only one webpage, they are simpler to build and regulate. 

The count of startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs is burgeoning; if they use it, there will be a massive increase in the number of such websites in the future. 

6. Three-dimensional (3D) Visuals

The elements of three-dimensional (3D) visuals have always been a spark that amuses the visitors. Earlier, incorporating 3D visualizations in web development was a costly activity to carry out, and the trend used to keep everyone on their toes all over the years. Nevertheless, things have transformed completely. 


Over time, virtual reality (VR) has become a standard and cost-effective trend. More blogs and websites will get powered by strong 3D visuals. Such elements help in lifting the attractive aspects of the website and develop an intriguing user experience. Your customers can enjoy the impressive technology that is making its path into the mainstream.  

7. Motion UI

When it comes to recent web development trends, you will always find motion UI in the list. It has become popular due to the smooth animations on a website that delivers a trendy look as well as feel. Besides that, this trend also syncs with other web technologies effortlessly. 

Motion UI Example

Motion user interface (UI) integrates several components, including patterns, content, photography, illustrations, three-dimensional objects, video, and the list goes on. 

Add numerous aspects of a site, including titles, menu bar, hovers, scrolling, backgrounds, and more to the motion UI.   

8. WebAssembly

One of the crucial aspects of a user experience and SEO (search engine optimization) is the website’s performance. WebAssembly is a recent framework for web apps. It does not depend on particular platforms or programming languages. The execution of the code is faster as compared to JavaScript (JS).

WebAssembly has been gaining attention as Google prioritizes web performance and user experience for boosted rankings since it entered the market in 2015.  

9. Graphics overlapping on images

To uncover the creativity as well as the addition of terrific graphic designs to a website, there can be the trend of embedding graphics with images. This can benefit eCommerce sites more as it can make the product images attractive. Such aspects can amplify some earnestness to the things that are required to be in focus. 

Graphics overlapping on images
Graphics overlapping on images - vector graphics

The trend of organic designs can prevail in the future more since they give a natural appearance to websites instead of regular shape dividers. 

10. Website Security 

Every day, hackers try to breach the websites; thus, it has become a worrisome issue. Moreover, numerous organizations run their business on digital platforms. Meanwhile, the websites comprise a wide array of sensitive customer data. Strict website protection protocols are needed to consider for compliance. 

Top Assured 10 Web Development Trends to Expect in 2021 1

The usage of HTTPS protocol is a priority for all website designers or creators and owners. It is a crucial security standard for all websites to ensure encrypted communication and no interference from third parties. 

This year can emphasize the development of quick, decent, and appealing websites. Each web development company or website developer needs to keep themselves up-to-date with the advanced trends to ensure the development of relevant sites. Previous websites can be transformed into unique, mobile-friendly, and attractive websites.