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WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, which is also used to develop a multi-functional website.

Across the world, millions of people are using WordPress to develop their desired blog and website to interact and sell their products. Now, WordPress Music is also a great platform for all the musicians, music companies and music lovers who run their own bands as they can easily reach out the people of world in just simple steps.

Completely based on web, this platform allows famous bands and music lovers to show their work online and they can display their scheduled dates as well. They can also sell their creation online; however, newbies can each wider market through the special social integration features of WordPress Music and get lots of benefits. The best thing about WordPress Music platform is it comes with a range of cool features, including:
• It is mobile friendly platform that comes with HTML5 based playlist
• Helpful to reach different people using social integration through Google, Twitter and Facebook.
• While listening to a single track or different track playlist, viewers are allowed to preview their website or blog.
• Users can also customize the themes of their website as per their own choice and can personalize their site adding their pictures, logo as a background image.
These are common of features of any WordPress Music player, but you need to select an effective and feature-rich music player for your website. When it comes to talk about the best WordPress Music Player, HTML5 Music Player for WordPress with 3 Skins is a great choice for people as it is an excellent for people, who are looking to work on both desktops and mobile devices. Comes with three different CSS3 based skins to select, it also offers a custom built Flash Fallback for older browsers, which support HTML5 Audio. This music player plugin is stuffed with numerous features that include:
• jQuery free so you never have to worry about jQuery conflicts
• Option to use Flash backup for Firefox so mp3 can be used across all browsers and devices
• Mobile Support including iPhone, iPad, Android
• Built in Flash backup for IE8
• Have multiple players on the same page that will toggle each other.
• 100% Retina-ready
• 3 Core CSS3 Skins to choose from
Along with above mentioned features, this music player also offers other settings so that website owners will get more comfortable way to present their information about music, tour dates and more. Other settings include set volume, use or hide the headphones button, autoplay music, loop songs, randomize songs, show/hide song numbers, optional purchase button, set volume and more.
Apart from this music player, WordPress users can also use Music Themes for their website that best match with their site and give their website an attractive look. By using different music themes, owners of the website can present, promote and sell their work online, list out their upcoming shows or events and offer support for downloading their albums. If you have decided to use WordPress theme on your website, listed below are some popular themes that you can use:


Live is one of the best music themes that you can download from Theme Forest. It has e-commerce functionalities, fluid and responsive layout, custom widgets, features 3 different skins and more.

Spectacular Features Carried HTML5 Based Music Player for WordPress Users 1


SoundStage is also one of the best themes that is from the Mint themes and is very clean in presentation. The theme has everything that you are looking like a HTML5 audio player and integrates with WooCommerce.

Spectacular Features Carried HTML5 Based Music Player for WordPress Users 2

The Grammy Theme

Being a popular music theme, it features SoundCloud Integration, social media integration and it also has a slidebar. It is also very well-known product of the Foxhound band Themes.

Spectacular Features Carried HTML5 Based Music Player for WordPress Users 3

So these are popular Music Themes for WordPress users as they can easily use these themes to change their look of their site.