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The growth in social media sites was something that no one would have ever imagined. With Facebook leading the torch for social media sites, we are witnessing sites that boast millions of daily active users. These users are hot target for any company on this globe that wants to expand its business.

Now, we are sure that you too would be excited to get your company on various social media site and build customers. However attractive this might have seemed, there is just one problem- Most of the companies on social media sites are not performing well. The reason being simple- they do not learn about the platform, do not adapt as per the specific need case and in the end fail miserably. So, what should you do that you do not fall in the same category?

There, are some simple concepts and things that you should keep in mind when starting your social media marketing campaign. In this article, we tell you these tips to help you achieve success. Do take a look:

Social Media

1. Learn how social media works

Just having accounts on social media platforms is not enough. You need to know how each platform works and how your company can benefit from the same. Not only this, most of these social media platforms continuously update their policy and as such one needs to be aware of the changes made. Your follower count is an important part of raising your visibility so you need to think about how you can best bring that up to help engage with your audience. Some people will use Twicsy for fast and reliable Instagram followers, whilst others will stick to waiting it out. Both can work but you do need to have a strategy that can help you keep that growth going. Some quick tips from us would be:

A. Read high-quality blogs that talk about social media marketing in details.

B. Watch video tutorial and make sure to apply the same.

C. Having patience is important. It takes time to reach your audience. You may never reach your target audience if you change your target audience too frequently.

2. Listen what your customers are saying

Social media is a two-way communication channel, where not only you send you message to your customer, but your customer also sends message to you. Therefore, you must be an active listener on social media. See what people are saying about you. Thank them for the compliments they give to your company and ask what the problem was if they aren’t satisfied. Make sure that you reach your customers on social media before your competitor does.

3. Automation is the key

The chances of you being active on social media 24*7 is very bleak and in fact it’s not even necessary. There are various tools like Hootsuite, Zoho, Socialbakers, etc. which you can use to plan and schedule your post in advance. Now, here are the things that you need to keep in mind:

A. Make sure that when you schedule the post, it matches the time when most of your audience is online.

B. Do not send spam messages.

C. Make sure that the frequency of promotional post is kept to a level that the user is not disturbed.

D. Link all your social media account to whichever automation tool you are using. This not only would help you in distribution of content, but would also help in analyzing the data from various social media sites.

4. Do not try to be everywhere

There are several social media sites that boast millions of active users! But, does your company needs to be on all the platform? This is the question that many companies fail to ask themselves and end up creating accounts on many sites which becomes dormant after sometime. Therefore, it becomes very essential that before you create an account on social media site, you ask these 2 questions to yourself:

A. Are my target audiences on this site?

B. Would I be able to make content of the type that suits that particular social media site?

If you have positive answers to these questions then we would suggest that you should give that social media site a shot.

5. Engage with your audience

You have been posting amazing contents on your social media site with an expectation that it would turn your audience into your customer. Alas! Things do not turn out as you have expected. The reason being that you are not engaging with your audience. Unlike what most businesses thing social media is not just a platform to show your company’s product/service. The thing is social media sites serve more as a platform where you have first meeting with your client.

Thus, it becomes necessary that you engage your audience just the way you would do when in a meeting with them. These tips would definitely help in engaging your audience:

A. Create post that educates your users.

B. Even though you might be a company that deals in healthcare sector, it’s never harmful to create few light-hearted posts. The only thing to consider is that these post should not be offensive.

C. Clear people’s doubt on things that you have good knowledge about. It’s not necessary that the doubt is directly related to your company. This would help build trust around your company.

6. Track and measure the result

You are making post, creating ads, replying to your user’s comments and everything you possibly can. But, is this bringing any positive result in form of traffic and customers to your company? This is what you need to analyze and see using social media analytic tools. There are two options to see these analytics.

A. Firstly, you can see the analytic on the social media sites itself. For e.g. facebook provides a detail analytic of your company’s page ranging from likes, comment, your competitor’s page performance, etc.

B. The second and better option is if you are using a social media management tool. These tools show a wider range of analysis plus tips on how you can perform better.

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing medium of advertisement that also changes frequently as per the sites guidelines. Having a social media account can help you in reaching your target audience very easily and we believe that these tips would arm you with the initial understanding of what to do and what not to do on social media. What do you guys think about these social media marketing tips? Do comment below.