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A question that is being frequently asked over recent years is whether SEO is important for local businesses. In short, the answer to this popular question is yes. SEO practices have become increasingly crucial for companies who want to be successful and have an influential online presence. 

Search engine optimization helps businesses throughout the world capture their target audiences. All variants of local companies can use search engine optimization to their advantage. From national real estate agencies like Remax to local law firms like Kooi law, SEO can create brand awareness no matter the industry. 

Let’s examine a few reasons why SEO is so essential for local businesses. 

What Exactly Is SEO for Local Businesses and Is It Important? 

First, local businesses require a specific SEO strategy that is often referred to as local search engine optimization. This form of SEO optimizes a business’s website through a compilation of strategies so that it can be found within an area’s local search results. Essentially, local SEO practices focus on emphasizing and promoting local businesses, such as the traditional local brick and mortar companies, when people search through search engines for goods and services. SEO works within a specified search bracket criteria to gain potential clients for local companies in its base form.

So that’s what local SEO does, but why is local SEO for businesses important? Well, let’s have a look below at a few of the key benefits associated with utilizing local SEO strategies. 

  • Companies that use local SEO have a more substantial online presence and are more visible during searches. More foot traffic will be generated with a visible online website, which means more customers, and potentially more sales.
  • With local SEO, a business can optimize their website for local searches, which will better reach the target audience. It is estimated that 50 percent of people who conduct a local search for a business go to the store’s physical location within a day. 
  • Local SEO practices such as Google My Business often lead to a business being more recognizable on Google Maps. When people search for a specific service, Google maps will create more visibility for the companies that fall within those search terms. For example, search phrases like “doctors near me” and “lawyers near me.” 
  • Local SEO services can help a business contend with large companies and market competition.
  • Local SEO is a great source of advertisement for local businesses. 

What Businesses Benefit from Local SEO the Most?

Now that we know precisely what local SEO is and how it benefits businesses, we can look at what industries benefit from local search engine optimization practices the most. Below we will examine two key sectors and demonstrate why local SEO is so important. 

Medical Practices

One of the biggest industries to benefit from local SEO is medical practices and local doctors. At some point in time, we all require a doctor’s services, and as such, one of the most searched phrases is “doctors near me.” Most people will want a local doctor and won’t want to waste time traveling far away to visit the doctor. SEO practices help doctors’ offices become visible to potential patients by providing telephone numbers and addresses of the establishments. 

Law Firms 

When local SEO is done correctly, law firms are one of the industries that benefit the most. As with doctors, a law firm’s services are often frequently needed. When someone searches for a specific lawyer in their vicinity, the company with the best local SEO strategy will be displayed. Law offices with the SEO call to action feature that consists of the firm’s contact details or website will have a higher likelihood of attracting new clients. Featuring as a top search result is crucial for law firms who want to attract business, and local SEO can be an incredible tool to use. 

To conclude, local SEO is an excellent tool for businesses to use when they need to attract more attention to their websites. It is also imperative for local businesses who want to drive customer sales and retention. This article covered only a fraction of the benefits associated with companies adopting local SEO practices. With the many benefits that local businesses stand to gain, it would be worthwhile investigating and potentially adopting local SEO services.