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How to Convert More Christmas Customers: 3 Essentials to Online Sales Conversion


Christmas is the busiest time of year for many retailers as seasonal shopping traffic surges. This creates an opportunity to attract and retain more customers. Failure to employ the right marketing tactics, however, is a sure-fire way of losing out to those competitors who are proactively deploying techniques to deliver maximum conversions and capture more customer data. Thankfully there’s still time to put simple measures in place to maximize your online sales. So how do you turn visitors to your website into long-term repeat customers?
Targeted re-marketing emails, campaigns using overlays (also known as pop up light boxes) to capture visits on intent to exit a site with relevant messages are straightforward ways of engaging potential customers, encouraging loyalty and driving conversion. The right marketing strategy is not about inundating people’s inboxes with information or making their site experience poor with a multitude of pop up boxes. Rather it is about giving them gentle reminders of how you can help, what you offer, and why they should buy from you rather than one of your competitors. Basically, they need to feel that they are getting something of value out of the relationship.

Turn browsers in to buyers

Particularly in the run up to Christmas, customers browse the online market-place looking for ideas for gifts and supplies – but not buying. Using a program such as cloud.IQ’sexit Capture can help to bring these potential customers back to your webpages. As they’re about to leave the site an overlay appears with personalized wording. This could ask whether they’re sure they want to exit, invite them to subscribe to your mailing list for offers or give them an incentive to purchase. Once you have their email address, you can market to them to encourage a purchase.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Other potential customers add items to their shopping basket and get as far as check out before abandoning their purchase. This could be for a number of reasons: perhaps postage costs were higher than expected, maybe they’d run out of time and needed to be doing something else, maybe there was a system glitch.
CloudIQ’s cartRecovery program automatically sends an email to customers that have abandoned a basket. The email contains the contents of their basket to encourage sale completion. This simple yet effective way of helping your customers out can encourage up to 20% of lost sales back to buy and keep them engaged with your business. If you’ve captured their email and they are enrolled in the cartRecovery program, a series of three emails over time periods you can define is recommended to drive the best results. A gentle nudge is often all it takes to complete a sale – customers abandoning a cart are 10 times more likely to convert than other site visitors.

Capture more customer data

It’s not just about Christmas sales opportunities, however. Pro-activity is increasingly important when it comes to retaining customers too. Give them opportunities to sign up via visitCapture overlays. As we approach Black Friday – one of the biggest online shopping days of the year – your traffic levels will increase presenting an opportunity to grow your customer database. As a site visitor goes to leave your site, trigger a visitCapture overlay to capture their email address before they go. Customers who want to be added to your mailing list are interested in your business. Make this an attractive proposition with incentives and make it simple for them to sign up – asking for too much personal information can put people off.
In difficult trading times customer retention requires more work than ever. Using sales conversion software such as that found at cloud.IQ can be a cost effective way of identifying weak spots in current marketing practices and introducing a dynamic and customer focused approach to gain vital trade. Visit today to find out more about the different ways you could recover more revenue.