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You’ve put your hard work and dedication into the creation of your beautiful website, may it be a portfolio or a blog about graphic design, and you want to share you material with the world!

Most mainstream promotion tactics are less popular these days, as organic search has taken the internet by storm. Therefore, a good way to start on website promotion is through some known SEO tactics that will help your website get found online.

As is known, the majority of online experiences start with a search via a search engine, such as Google. If your website doesn’t show up in the first pages of the results, it’s highly unlikely that your web page will be found. After so much hard work on your website, it would really be a shame if no one got to see it! Therefore, it would be wise to employ some SEO strategies in order to boost your website’s online presence. Below we will give some tips on how to promote your website effectively through SEO.


Having a blog is a great way of sharing your information and knowledge about your expertise. In the world of search engines, blogging is also a way to keep your website content as fresh as possible. Most pages on a website are static, and therefore will be crawled less if they are not updated frequently. By writing blog posts every few days or even weekly, a search engine will visit your website regularly and index your web pages.

Plus, if you share great tips, your readers will be coming back for more, which also means more visits and more time on site. This is also a great signal to Google or any other search engine that your website is user-friendly and a great source of quality and valuable content. Not to mention, it’s also a great way of building a loyal community of followers, as your audience can give you feedback about your designs and even give you ideas for your next blog posts.


Reach out

Engaging with other bloggers in your community is another great tactic to easily promote your website. Remember those blog posts that you’ve written? Those articles are great ammunition for contacting other bloggers in your realm. You can reach out to your fellow industry bloggers, and ask them for their opinion about the post and if they think their readers would enjoy such material. The other websites or blogs in your industry will hopefully find them valuable enough and want to share them with their readers. If you want more tips on how to reach out to bloggers, read this Wix SEO Hero article.



This must be by far the most popular strategy to promote your website online. The best thing, is that it’s completely free! Although, a wise word of advice would be not to bombard your followers with a thousand facebook and tweets per day. So we recommend to create a posting schedule in order to organize your posting times in a regular and natural way. You can easily schedule posts on Facebook, or use Tweetdeck to schedule tweets. Twitter is especially to target industry influencers, you never know who will tweet back at you!