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Many aspects of business have changed. Business has been hit by the technology wave and has been changed dramatically by this wave of change.

Business has become much more of a digital world. However, through all this change, the paper business card has remained an essential part of every business. They are not only still relevant but essential.
After attending a networking event, you may look through your stack of business cards and find that they are all strikingly similar. Out of your entire stack, only a handful may stick out. You want your business card to be one of the few that stands out from the others, and here is how to do just that.

Here is the examples

How to Design a Business Card that Stands Out 1

How to Design a Business Card that Stands Out 2

Less is More

Your business card is not the place to include every piece of information tied to your business. If your current business card has your logo, email, phone number, street address, web address, QR Code, LinkedIn Page, Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and personal photo, it may be time to make a few cuts. Simplify. What information will help a business prospect connect with you? Stick with that. Also, keep in mind that links to your Facebook page and other social profiles should be on your website, so it’s not always necessary to include individual social profile links on your business card if your website is listed.

Add a Picture

You may think a picture of yourself is a bit silly, but it will make your card stand out. More importantly, it will make you stand out. If you have given your card out at a convention, your picture may jog someone’s memory after they return from the convention. This connects you to your business.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your business card walks a very fine line. They key is to slightly differ your size or shape. If you change the size to a 5×7, people aren’t going to carry it with them in their wallet. If you go with a crazy shape, it may be uncomfortable to carry around and just be thrown in the trash. However, slightly changing the shape, like rounding the edges, can make a card that stands out from the rest.

Unique Materials

Business cards don’t have to be made out of cardstock. In fact, they can be made from anything you can print on. Cardstock is definitely more expensive but will definitely make your card stand out and can be well worth the extra cost. Business cards can be made out of plastic, acrylic, textured paper or cardboard – just to name a few. Business cards can also come silk laminated so that they have a more luxurious feel or be foil stamped to give them some extra pizzazz and stand out even more.

Have a Few Versions

All business cards should have the vital information – contact info, company name, logo and your area of expertise. However, you can switch it up a little and give certain cards to specific audiences. For example, if you are a photographer, you may have different images for wedding clients than you have for clients seeking newborn baby photos. Keep the vital information, but perhaps have a few different cards where images, wording, and selling points differ.

Color and Finish

It is obvious that a bright orange card would stand out more than a plain white card. The use of a bold color can add a little punch to your card. In addition to adding bold colors, using different finishes on certain words or pictures can give the card a special touch. Adding a gloss finish to a small part of the card gives it a smooth texture that will stand out.