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You are a web designer. And you must have a Healthy Lifestyle if you want grow in your career.

This most certainly means that you love working in front of a computer, you have a keen sense of beauty, you have plenty of knowledge as far as programming languages are concerned, and the list may continue.

How a Web Designer can Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

But as you are about to find out, your best friend, i.e. your computer, seems to be your foe at the same time, at least as far as your health is concerned. In what follows, I will show why the lifestyle of a web designer is dangerous for his /her health and what this person shall do. So, if this issue is of maximum importance to you, then check these lines.

Protect your eyes and have Healthy Lifestyle

Working in front of a computer for a large amount of time is obviously a peril for your eyes. The focused distance is constant for a longer time and this causes the eye muscles, both the intrinsic and the extrinsic ones to get tight and stiff. As a result, people start to complain about headaches, eye pathologies, fatigue, and so on.
If you have not experienced these symptoms yet, you should have a look at the following ones, in order to know if your eyes are bothered and exhausted. When your eyes want to communicate something to you, they usually become dry and sting and when you close them the eyelids are pretty tight.

Another sign that should raise a question mark is represented by tearing, itching, and red eyes; not to mention the blurred vision, the swollen eyes, the increased sensitivity, or the difficult accommodation to light or dark. Also, numerous web designers have faced severe headaches in the forehead and pain in the neck area. There are things that can be used to try and deal with this pain, such as using some of the products from (although you’ll want to check with your doctor first), but ideally, you need to find a way to stop the pain from occurring in the first place.

What to do

Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that you will have to quit your job and start doing something else. It could be worthwhile locating an urgent care facility and getting checked out though, both to reassure yourself and ensure that there are no underlying medical issues. There are a few extraordinary exercises that will soothe and calm your eyes. The first step in making your eyes feel fine and relaxed would be palming them. It is recommended to cover your eyes with the compact part of your hands, to keep them open without pressing the eyeballs, leaving them room to blink.

Hold it there for a half a minute and then take your hands from your eyes and wait a few seconds, so that they will accommodate with the light.

Every thirty minutes or even more often, if it possible, you should try to look out on the window at a far away point. It would be best if it wouldn’t be in the sky, because the light is too powerful. Do that for two or three minutes and let your mind fly away and relax.

Close your eyes, put your elbows on the desk, sit comfortably in a chair and then massage your forehead and the area below your eyebrows with firm, yet slow, circular and slightly upward movements. You can massage your temples, as well, but it is not recommended to apply force when you do that, on the contrary, you should apply gentle and delicate movements. In this way you will defuse the extrinsic muscles of the eye, but also those of the forehead and temples.

Watch your back!

A web designer must pay attention at his/her sitting position. If you won’t sit right this may lead, in time to the deformity of the spine. Also, you should try to avoid that cross-legged position that you fancy so much, because it hinders the blood flow and it damages the spine.

What to do

Your back should be kept straight, while your desk and the screen of your computer will be placed at a suitable height, as to avoid the stooping position. In order to protect your spine you should pick a comfortable and soothing desk chair; the ergonomic ones are the best. And in order to activate the blood flow it is advisable to do some exercise every one to two hours. This leads us to the next point:

Be active!

It is well known that web designers have a sedentary lifestyle. They always find excuses for their lack of movement and they indulge into living a live devoid of sports and healthy lifestyle activities. However, you should not take part in this behavior and you should be more active because movement makes us smarter. Besides that you should do some exercise every once in a while in order to protect your health and to prevent the appearance of arthritis, heart disease, obesity and even diabetes.

What to do!

When you are at the office it is recommended to relax your body with an easy routine: stretch your arms and legs and rotate your head and hands. This will improve your blood flow, will relax your pulse and breathing, and at the same time this will make you be more efficient, productive and calm.

When you get home, you should not just sit in front of the TV in a relaxing position. You should find the time and the necessary resources to go out for a walk, to run, to do some fitness exercise, and so on. This will help you sleep tight and will definitely keep away those diseases I have mentioned before.

Have a Healthy Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle!

Let’s face it, you are one of the people who prefer to replace a healthy meal with something fast to eat, mainly because your job doesn’t allow you to take that thirty minutes break for lunch. Also, you like to dLet’s face it, you are one of the people who prefer to replace a healthy meal with something fast to eat, mainly because your job doesn’t allow you to take that thirty minutes to break for lunch. Also, you like to drink as much coffee, because you believe this will keep you more alert and focused. But a diet that includes only chips, fast food, coffee, and cigarettes is not good for your health and you should be more cautious with what you eat. If you really can’t guarantee to eat the right foods to take on the correct range of nutrients that your body needs to be healthy, you might want to consider taking supplements to get that extra nutrient boost. Do your research and read Neurohacker reviews to see what the best supplements could be to provide you with the support your body needs to stay healthy. 

What to do!

If what stays between you and a healthy menu is the lack of time, then you should shop for your food instead of buying it from a fast food restaurant. If you only have time to eat a sandwich, at least it should have something good for you, such as: integral bread and chicken breast or cheese and boiled eggs. Instead of coffee you should try to drink tea (preferably the green one), because it is rich in antioxidants and also you should replace your favorite chocolate bar with a fruit.

If you smoke, you should consider cutting down, or quitting altogether – The Ultimate Guide to Quitting Smoking is a great place to start to learn about the benefits of quitting, as well as getting some helpful tips and advice on how you can go about doing so. A healthy, tobacco-free diet will help you see the doctor less and will also make it possible for you to have a beautiful figure.

In the end, you should keep a list with things to do for Healthy Lifestyle and you should try to respect it, in order to make sure that your job as a web designer is not ruining your health.