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Project planning is a crucial stage that comes right after initiation in project management phases. Through proper planning, you can streamline the entire project into a series of steps and ensure the availability of all the resources on time.

In the below infographic we explain the following Essential Elements for a Perfect Project Plan.

  1. Outline of Business Justification & Stakeholder Needs
  2. List of Requirements & Project Objectives
  3. Project Scope Statement
  4. List of Deliverables & Estimated Due Dates
  5. Detailed Project Schedule
  6. Risk Assessment & Management Plan
  7. Defined Roles & Responsibilities
  8. Resource Allocation
  9. QA Plan
  10. Communication Plan

To learn more about each point please continue reading below.

10 Essential Elements for the Perfect Project Plan - by Wrike project management software
Infographic brought to you by Wrike mac project management software free

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