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WordPress is probably the best known content management system (CMS) on the planet, currently. It is being used by just about everybody from the young to the very old.

This is because of the benefits that it has to offer. It is the finest blogging platform today with so many features that make for fantastic blogs. When it comes to excellent blogging, you can always trust WordPress as your perfect companion. Its scripting language is PHP and its database management system is MySQL. Basically, you need not learn about this if you want to use WordPress.
Many people are getting away with the fact that they do not know anything about WordPress database management systems. It is a common misconception that if you want to be on top of your business you should know how the database is being controlled. Not at all! WordPress is a real life testimony of just how much you need not know about databases and their management systems. What you need though is a very basic understanding of the workings of WordPress.


Basics of WordPress database

Among the few things that you need to know about the WordPress database is how to create the backups. This is really healthy information because you definitely do not want to lose your content, right? Data is a very important asset and it must be protected. Setting up a backup is one of the best ways to protect your data.
Secondly, you need to learn about optimizing the WordPress database. Once you have used WordPress for a length of time, you database becomes fragmented. There are memory overheads, which will increase the overall size of your database, and also the execution time for queries. Luckily, MySQL database comes with a simple solution for this.
There is a command available for the optimization of your database. When you go to the phpMyAdmin and click on your database, you will get a list of WordPress tables. There is the ‘Check All’ link below the tables which you should click on. Next to this link there is a ‘with selected’ drop down tool, click on it and select ‘Optimize table’. It is as simple as that. The alternative that you can take is to hire remote DBA services.They offer quite good services that allow you peace of mind.

DBA services for your WordPress


A database administrator will spare you the efforts and energies involved in keeping your database running at its best. There are so many people who will provide you with these services but then you should take some time to select the best. Remote database administration basically means that your database will be handled from a remote location. All the administrator will be doing will be logging in to your database and monitoring it to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
The companies that offer these remote database administration services do so at really affordable rates. You do not have to worry about breaking a bank in order to afford the services that are offered by the company. Simply take some time to select the best.