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UI and UX, both elements in an iOS app for designers are about effectively addressing the requirement of the business and need of end-users.

In simple words we are talking about how consumers feel when interacting with a website, mobile app and web app while accessing on iOS device.

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As such, there is no fixed measure to evaluate user experience and interface of any application, but certainly there are some standard practices which designers must follow while carving UI/UX. Simple yet utmost important things that designers must emphasize while carving iOS app for different business verticals; includes ease of use, accessibility, efficiency, utility, flexibility, system performance and lot more.

When it comes to designing for different verticals, most designers fail to distinguish between the elements and their placement for specific target audience. To understand and recognize specific vertical segment, designers shall step into the shoes of specific consumer base while designing the experience. The product design and elements placement varies a lot depending upon the vertical of the product; it will be completely different for education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, transportation, and every other business vertical.

Let’s have a look on how user-experience may vary for different verticals on the very same iOS platform:



Healthcare is a complex and immense area with a lot of hierarchies. A better practice is to design two versions of the same app to build targeted experience for different type of users, one for the practitioners and other for the patients. Since the patient can be of any age group and varied qualification, the experience shall be designed with clear and simple elements, easy navigation and lesser hierarchical architecture. Most user (practitioner/patients) access health app for below utilities:
• Check health records
• Remote patient monitoring
• Aligning care team work
• Check invoice
• Make e-Payment


When we talk about UI/UX in finance sector, we are actually carving experience for minded people. Understanding the needs of elements and their placement for banking sector is one of the core challenges for designing UX of finance app. Major usability of Finance app involves:
• Monitoring Financial data on mobile
• Transactions capturing and analysis
• Loyalty and reward programs
• Social banking
• Personal finance management


Enterprise apps are the requirement of manufacturing companies; major requirement involves tracking process, managing inventory and reports within the app which require complex architecture. For designing user experience the interface shall be kept as simple as possible due to majority of field force users. The UX shall be designed based on the core uses of the application, majority of which involves:
• Tracking production process
• Capturing product information
• Process automation
• Inventory tracking
• Reports of field force productivity

Education & Learning

Designing experience for education vertical is completely different from above discussed verticals; majority of user in educational apps comes to read, check some specific information and learn from the knowledgebase. Leveraging the display of iOS devices, the experience shall be designed focusing on visibility of text/media content and the navigation of knowledgebase end-user might be interested in. The app experience shall be designed around below core usability cases:
• Content engagement
• Easy navigation to related content
• Hierarchical architecture of free and paid content
• Integration of POS for revenue
• Communities engagement
• Attractive images and animation

iOS platform generates greater revenue compared to Android, it is true that success of mobile app depends on the user experience, which designers learn with experience. Designing an iOS app is not the same sketching shapes and placing elements on the canvas, every vertical needs a different set of UX design. Every different vertical has its own requirements for their target audience, making it a challenge to design experience that helps the app success.