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Buying in group is so much fun. What if we add fun with discounts and give you a new deal every day?

Well that’s the concept of group on. An intelligent business man always analyses the advantage of a concept, molds it in accordance to his target audience and deliver the product in a short time. Building a website from scratch is time consuming and is not cost effective. So I personally carried out a research and found that the best way to start was using a Groupon clone script.

Comparing various Groupon clone scripts

We carried out a deep research and sorted out 5 best Groupon clone scripts. We again put them under scanner and tried to find the find the apt script for hosting a groupon clone site. The following scripts were compared.

Comparision of 5 best groupon clone scripts 1

1. Group deal

2. Couponic

3. Wroupon

4. Group buy

5. Groupscript

Comparision of 5 best groupon clone scripts 2

1. Social media signup and registration

The advantage of having this feature is that the user trust you, more traffic is attracted towards the site and spamming is reduced to a huge extent While comparing these sites I found Group buy and Wroup On have limited social media connectivity options limited to facebook and twitter while Groupdeal has registration and login options from FourSquare, Google, Yahoo and open id also.

2. Search deal of other cities

A user would like to view the deals of others cities. He can gift them as well. In such case he would like to switch to various cities. This feature is there in each of the clone scripts. Group deal and Wroup on and have made this feature very user friendly.

3. Multiple language translator

Multiple language supports draws attention of many customers from various dimensions. This feature is present in almost in every Groupon Clone script, but Wroup On and Group buy and Group deal has provision for more than 40 languages.

4. User friendly Interface

The site needs to be extremely user friendly, so the users can relate to the site and like to come back to the site let’s see an analysis of user friendliness within this five groupon clones. Group script is stuffed with lots of information, while Groupscript, Couponic, Wroupon have a good user interface but has less options to navigate to other deals. Google maps integration in these sites are very small and are not that user friendly. Group deal has options to navigate to other deals and also shows you deals which are nearby the location as well. It also has a very big section for Google maps.

5. Admin friendly interface

If the script is just user friendly, it won’t do any good it needs to be admin friendly as well. Wroupon and group deal are clear winners in this section. Group deal has more options with respect to all the four. It has a good CMS, represents information in form of graphics and also has efficient data management.

6. Updates

Regular updates and patches are needed for every script. Group deal and Group script provides free updates for life time. These updates cover update in versions too. Wroupon provides free support for the version of software you have bought from them., While couponic provides free support for one year and then it charges 75$/year.

7. Android Application

These days, many people have android devices and they use application to purchase loads of stuff. Group deal and Couponic have android applications they also provide scripts as well.

Final verdict

While comparing various groupon clone scripts I found that Wroupon is based on ZUITU. There are many free scripts based on ZUITU, but the biggest problem is that you got to translate from Chinese to English. It is very hard to customize, so eventually lot of money has to be spent on it.
Groupscript has a simple looking backend interface but when you drill down it’s backend it is very messy. In its front end dropdown option fails to work properly most of the times.
Couponic, and Group buy are having good front end but it’s backend is not as pleasing as group deal.
Group deal stood out in various features. It has various options in admin panel and also is very user friendly. You can customize the script according to your requirements as well. My recommendation for best groupon clone would be Group deal.