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JavaScript has become a potential part of businesses as it helps in developing an interactive web page for consumers and clients. Vue.js development gives a progressive framework to build UI with modern technologies. It is getting popular due to its great scalability and easy learning curve for the developers.


Noteworthy features of VueJS are:

Virtual DOM

The changes are not updated in the DOM instead they are done on the replica of DOM which is present in the form of JS data structure. The final changes are updated in the real DOM where the user sees changes.

Data Binding

It helps in manipulating or assigning values to HTML attributes, assigns classes, changes style using the binding directive known as v-bind. 


These are some of the important features of VueJS that help in creating custom elements that can be reused in the HTML. 

Animations and Transitions

Developers can apply transitions to HTML elements when they add, update, or remove them from DOM. It has built-in transition components that are wrapped around the elements for animation.


VueJS has HTML based templates that bind Vue instance data and DOM. Developers can easily replace the template with a render function. 

Reasons to choose Vue.js development for Web UI development:

Developer Friendly

The framework structure is easy to understand and developers can add it to their project easily. Small scale or large scale application templates can be developed seamlessly using vuejs.  It is easy to track errors for the developers and take necessary actions for them.

Simple Integrations 

The structure enables easy integration into existing applications and other JavaScript frameworks. This is because it is JS base and availability of third-party components and libraries. It is also a perfect replacement for jQuery. 

Reusable Components 

Many frameworks support small and reusable components for the User Interface but Vue.js provides an edge to this also. It supports a browser-independent component system which makes the developer’s process easy and fast.

Flexible Framework

The templates of Vue.js can be written in a JavaScript file or any pure JS suing virtual nodes and HTML file. This helps the developers working on React JS and Angular JS to understand the framework easily. 

Higher Performance

The applications developed using Vue.js are smaller in size which makes them more performant as compared to applications built using other frameworks. It performs a lot of optimization on its own 

Is Vue.js better than Angular JS and React to JS development?

Benefits of Angular JS:

  • Angular JS development has exceptional support for TypeScript
  • Angular-Language-Service allows autocompleting inside the components of external HTML template files
  • Supports new features based on npm libraries from CLI 
  • It has detailed documentation which makes it easy to understand
  • Use the same set of data and work differently as it works on MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel)

Drawbacks of Angular JS:

  • It is complicated as it has a variety of structures like components, modules, injectables, and more
  • Relatively slow in the performance sector

Benefits of React JS:

  • Simple to design by using JSX which is similar to HTML
  • Faster as React JS development uses Virtual DOM implementation and different rendering optimizations
  • The data-binding is done in one-way which means fewer side effects
  • It implements FP (Functional Programming) concepts that make it easy for testing and highly reusable
  • Migration is easy

Drawbacks of React JS:

  • The developers have to make a choice between traditional stylesheets (CSS Module) and CSS in JS which is Emotion and Styled components
  •  It is drifting apart from the class-based components which can make developers task tough
  • It can be confusing to mix templates wit JSX sometimes

Benefits of Vue JS:

  • It can help in optimizing HTML blocks using various components
  • It has circumstantial documentation that saves time for the developers 
  • It gives a rapid switch from other frameworks due to its similarity with React and Angular in terms of architecture and design
  • It can be used for web interfaces of application and single-page applications
  • It supports great reusability of templates 

Drawbacks of Vue JS:

  • It has a small market share as compared to Angular or React
  • Applications might face issue while integrating huge projects


Whether you are interacting with App Development Company or Angular JS Development Company or React JS development company one thing you need is assurance. It is all about creating single-page apps and server-side rendering. Vue JS takes the best of both Angular JS and React JS framework which makes it incredibly faster and developer-friendly.  It has a balance of features that makes it easier to add routing and state management. 

If you need a framework that is user and developer-friendly that has a great toolset, useful libraries, and a great support team then go for Vue.js. We have a team of professionals that have experience in Web UI development and believe in providing the best services to the clients. Contact us to take advantage of the best service provider in the market to improve user interactions with your platform.