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The exponential development of society makes people stay more and more in front of a monitor, usually one connected to a computer.

Obviously, the lack of physical effort has negative effects, health diseases being the most important, but some of them (unfortunately, including me) consider the commodity more attractive.

Here you go

Much more, there are few people who don’t use Internet while working at the computer and we all know that the temptations of the online medium are high or even irresistible. In spite of the unalterable power will of the machines, a human being is characterized mostly by a sinusoidal representation. The main issue is how to avoid the “negative sectors” where the productivity is low or strives to zero. Many folks tried desperately to work more efficiently and the conclusions were that listening to music, checking mail account, social media & instant messaging are the most challenging temptations.

I am totally addicted to computers and Internet so I know all the existent temptations and honestly, handled in a wise manner these “sins” are positive things. In all my posts, I gave the same example: a knife may be very useful to procure food, but it may be the instrument of killing people. In the case of a crime, who is guilty, the knife or the user of it? The same with these time wasting activities, are negative when are silly used.

It may sounds a little strange but yes, I strongly believe that listening to your favorite music, checking your mail and partially, instant messaging and social media are useful. My single remark is regarding the last items, social media and instant communications tools, as long as these are used to communicate with clients or asking/ answering for help is ok, but when somebody is occupied to chat with friends is clear a waste of time. I am not extremist to negate the advantages of a easy communicating way, but during your work time I don’t see any positive aspects. “And one more thing” (Steve Jobs quotation), is better to communicate with your friends in a pub or enjoying together a coffee and not still staying in a chair in front of the computer.

Nonetheless, music and email frequent checking aren’t such dangerous activities.

Pro “music” tips:

1. Create a positive climate

Few things may bring a more optimistical approach than listening to your favorite piece of music. Some people can’t fully focus when they haven’t assured the perfect silence- in this situation is only a negative influence; the rest of the computer related workers fight against boredom, monotony and low efficiency with the aim of music. In order not to waste to much time is better to organize very well your music- the selection of the desired pieces must be a fast process. Seldom changing the music, trying new songs, searching for the preferred radio station are “dead” moments and a laborious individual must avoid this.

Case study: are music and checking email bad temptations or necessities? 1

2. Inspiration

It’s impossible not to know about the power of music and it’s improbable not to want to use it to augment your skills. It’s a scientifically proved fact that the music has an influence over the human brain activity. The idea is simple: while you are listening to your favorite song, you are content and able to work more than staying in a quiet room with no acoustics. When you are working on something you like, it is great (once again, Steve Jobs’ contribution).

Case study: are music and checking email bad temptations or necessities? 2

Pro frequently checking the mail:

1. A quick reply to the clients

Usually, a client is considering himself as the single one of a web designer and his requirements are sacred. This issue is very complex and it varies from case to case, but you impress any client when his email is followed by a quick reply. The problem of defocusing is mostly subjective: in a long day work you must provide replies to your mails, no matter if you do this at the end of day or instantly. I really recommend you to check hourly your email, after 50 minutes-one hour of work I usually take a creative pause to see the novelties; by using this pattern I am able to offer fast answers but also keep my full attention to the project I work on.

Case study: are music and checking email bad temptations or necessities? 3

2. Handling better the bad situations

Not all of us are blessed with cold blood and it’s needed time and deep judgment to offer a good answer. Simpler: is better to have time in handling bad situations. What do you think, isn’t better to find out in the middle of the day that tomorrow you must provide the first samples that at the end of the day?

Case study: are music and checking email bad temptations or necessities? 4

3. Paradoxically, it increases your productivity

Emailing to all your previous clients about the new offers, or waiting for an important decision of your boss are source of curiosity and worry. Thinking about these hasn’t a positive contribution to a higher income, hence why don’t kill your curiosity by opening the new mail from Inbox? I am more productive when I am updated with the latest news therefore, I recommend you to try it.

Case study: are music and checking email bad temptations or necessities? 5

Clearly, these are temptations and the main disadvantage is that are time consuming, music and mails are some items that “steal” you potential money. You are the one that decides if these are beneficial or dangerous for you. In order to bring more value to this post I beg all the readers to share their opinions about music and mails during work time and how are you appreciating these. Once are shared enough opinions, I will write an updated version of the post based mostly on readers opinions , hence once again, wait for your interesting contribution.