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Interaction design (also referred to as IxD) is a young addition to the world of design. It only came out when the screen evolved and was able to hold more than just static content. To put it in simple words, Interaction Design can be defined as the interaction between the user and a product.

Interaction Design

Adobe XD expands on that description by saying it “focuses on the way users interact with products and they use principles of good communication to create desired user experiences.” And if done right interaction design can provide you with a lot of benefits. The idea behind interaction design is to create efficient and optimized products that allow the users to achieve their end goal in the best possible way. It demands designers to use different tools and methods to solve a real problem and make the lives of their customers easier. In this article, I have mentioned a few major benefits of interaction design; let’s have a look:

Clear Communication

One of the major benefits of user interaction design is that it helps you establish clear communication with the users. Visual elements and words are an important part of IxD and to use it in design effectively helps you communicate better with your audience. For example, you are providing your users with a mobile app, and instead of writing too much text on it, you are just using icons that the user understands. You are essentially putting a call to action on the screen without even cluttering it with too much information.

Compliments UX Design

IxD is not just a standalone design, but it complements the user experience design as well. Interaction designers usually follow some kind of UX design process as well. The goal of an interaction designer is not just to provide a better user experience but to choreograph the interaction between the product and the user. Also, even though interaction design is a branch of user experience, not all the interaction designer and User experience designer and vice versa. However, a good interaction designer has a vast knowledge of user experience design as well, which helps them understand the target audience better and make better designs.

Saves Time and Money

Another great benefit of interaction design is that it helps you save a lot of time and money as well.  Interaction design is not just a theory; once the design is finished, the designer runs several tests on it, making sure that the design is achieving its goal and is simple and feasible to use. IxD tells you the exact amount of time it will take to finish the product and how many resources you will need for it. It also saves you time by taking out the experimental features that fail continuously.

Trigger Emotional Response

Interaction design also gives you the power to trigger an emotional response among your users. Research has revealed that effective Design can affect perceptions of usability. For example, a lot of designers already use color to trigger emotional responses. Some color triggers a feeling of warmth, while others can sparkle happiness or calmness. Similarly, you can read your audience can identify what type of content will help you spark an emotional response in them and will make the user experience even better.