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Whether you’re a web pro or a newbie fresh out of school you’ll find that there are only so many hours in your day to get things done.

What you really need are some of the apps featured below that will save your time, energy and stress. They’re all simple and straightforward to use with no learning curve and great benefits. Click on a couple and see what I mean.


Edit photos quickly and easily

WordPress is one of the best blogging websites on the net. tn3Gallery is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily manipulate, enhance and share your photos. Pros will love the high-tech tools, newbs will love the ease of use, and everyone will love the results. If you take a lot of pics and like to share them on your WordPress blog you have to check this one out.

Best Feature – There’s no need for external tools. Do everything from within the app.

Apps that will make Your Online Life Easier and Faster 1

Mighty Deals

Deals for those of us that make a living online

Today there are so many opportunities online to make a living that sometimes we get bogged down trying to make use of all of them. Mighty Deals gets through the crap and right to the cream, with deals on stuff that you can use in your online work every day. Sure they may not have deals on toasters or movie tickets, but that’s the point. They have great deals on stuff you can actually use.

Best Feature – They don’t waste your time with junk. I love that.

Apps that will make Your Online Life Easier and Faster 2


A combination app and calendar that will save you time and energy

This one has a slight learning curve but I think it’s worth it. Coolendar takes the best of your calendar and your task app and puts them together in an easy to use app that’s efficient and gives you a simple way to remind yourself about anything you do. It works over various devices with ease and I like the multiple options for reminders. Good stuff.

Best Feature – They’ve done away with ‘durations’ which is a big plus.

Apps that will make Your Online Life Easier and Faster 3


When you need pics and vectors, nothing beats free

I build a lot of websites and I know that if you want to keep people looking at them you need to stuff them full of interesting and high quality pics. That costs money. Solutuon; Freeepik. They have a ton of pics for free, and vectors, and themes, and more. They have over a million pics to choose from already, although some of the best do cost a buck or two. Still, there are plenty of freebies to make almost anybody happy.

Best Feature – They’re adding more every day.

Apps that will make Your Online Life Easier and Faster 4


Email that actually helps you

Sure email is a great communication platform but, besides that, what else. Spam? Junk mail? Streak gives you a reason to like email again because it lets you keep track of more than just messages. People, deals, reports and lots more info can be tracked through your inbox, including what came from who and when. Good stuff. Now if they could get rid of spam forever they would win some sort of prize.

Best Feature – Write an email now and schedule it to send later.

Apps that will make Your Online Life Easier and Faster 5